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  1. Ok. Once you've got everything then PM me and if you're local during a weekday I'll schedule a lunchtime programming session.
  2. Not too far from Essex Ford and there are quite a few IDS units here!! I can enable the low washer fliud as well whilst i'm doing the cluster however you'll need to check that you have all the required wiring. Not a rip off, you get what you pay for on a vehicle. Re the cruise control, hopefully you've got the correct level GEM fitted to your vehicle to support this feature.
  3. Yep you'll get the standard diagnostic labour rate.. + a little. However if you drive 1/2 mile more you could get it done for nothing :)
  4. Yep. Use IDS to enable the DDS system from the ABS menu and then customer preferences for the Cluster. If you have a high level cluster then you will alread have the correct indicator stalk. Once done inflate the tyres to the correct pressure and go into the menu and reset the system. Will take a while to learn the running conditions.
  5. The DDS system works by detecting the relative rotational speed of the wheels using the ABS system. Provided your vehicle has the correct components then the system can be activated, i've done this on a few vehicles. You will need the level 2 instrument cluster with the correct display and then the configuration on the ABS module and instrument cluster will need updating. This can be done from IDS as the features have been placed in the menu's. With respect to the GEM, this does not require configuring except for the enabling and fitting of the external temperature sensor if you have updated the cluster.
  6. If you want them programmed to suit your vehicle then you have to speak to a dealer :evil: or me :lol: Obviously if you want me to do it then we would have to meet at a suitable location. Will, you can use second hand dials, the only problem would be if the odometer reading was higher on the replacement set you'd have to stick with the reading. Incidentally my partners parents live in Wellington Heath, Ledbury and I'll be over there at Christmas if you can wait. Don't think this is the place to discuss cost.... S
  7. Spoken to Revolts. The later cluster is working ok and looking fantastic. So to all those who have been reading, it is possible to fit the latest Focus cluster into any of the earlier variants provided you have a dealer IDS unit.
  8. Come on John, spill the beans........Am I likely to have a queue of FFOC members on my doorstep? :wink:
  9. RR's are very subjective and a lot will depend upon external influences such as atmospheric temp, pressure, humidity, roller diameter, and tyre pressures. Are the figures you have been quoted corrected as they are measured at the wheels. Do FMC state whether the PS they quote are at the wheels or the crank?
  10. Well today's D day and I will be seeing John in about 4 hours!! Update to follow this afternoon. :)
  11. John, Ben, Back in the UK now.... Re the cluster here is how it goes.. At the 08My the cluster was changed in electrical and physical design. This resulted in a small, but significant way in which the configuration data was programmed into it. This is due to the addition of extra features. (Keyless start/entry system being one.) The dealer cannot configure the new cluster fully as the configuration data that is stored in their database is not quite compatible. If you know what you are doing you can "modify" the data and the tool will accept it. This consists of adding a 00 to one of the data lines and then one extra complete line The reason your vehicle did not start when you swapped the cluster over is that part of the immobiliser functionality is contained in it and it needs to be rematched to the keys and the rest of the vehicle components. Once again this is possible. If the cluster you have came from a vehicle with the same features as yours then the dealer does not need to reprogram it and only needs to perform the immobilser matching to make it work. However the cluster will contain the wrong VIN. I am proposing to meet John to sort his one out when we can find a convieninet time and place, not planning to travel to Norfolk however just yet Ben!! :lol:
  12. It does work, I enabled it as a request from a colleague. However as stated previously the reason that the dealers are not allowed to enable the feature is that it is a homolgation requirement that the vehicle doors should be able to be opened after a crash. If auto lock is enabled then;- 1) Low speed crash.. If the crash is not severe enough to trigger the airbag then the door will not be unlocked. 2) high speed crash.. The vehicle battery is located in the engine bay. Under certain circumstances the battery could be destroyed long before the command to unlock the doors has been sent from the airbag to the locking system. The airbags will alway be able to fire if necessary as the airbag module has sufficient residual power stored in its internal capacitors to ignite the bags where as the body controller has no such feature to operate the locking motors due to their higher and more sustained current demand. However, if the crash was severe enough to terminate the battery then I would suspect that the windows and yourself would have been destroyed anyway. So you would be able to be accessed.
  13. Auto relock is standard but the drive away locking is disabled. Using a suitable diagnostic tool it can be enabled but is not recommended. Been discussed in relation to the 03.5 MY vehicles in the past on here. Try a search.
  14. Don't worry mate. Who do you think the dealers call when they have an immobiliser related problem? :? There are very few occasions where the vehicle gets permanently broken. All things can be fixed at a price.
  15. You can retrofit used 08 dials to an 07 car however it's the odometer reading that cannot be changed easily. It can be incremented ok but going backwards is not quite so simple. The immobiliser and configuration can be set up ok. If you are changing from a level 1 cluster to a higher spec one then you may need to change the stalk control to enable menu operation. Possibly have to fit an external temp sensor if the wiring is there ok. Let's see how I get on with John's dials. Hopefully a case of "watch this space"........
  16. Tosh!!! No separate fuse. Do you have a test lamp? If so use it to see whether the flasher supply is getting to the lamp cluster. What flavour Focus?
  17. No meant to come across badly but don't want to encourage anyone with a dodgy radio.
  18. Not the place for this. Frowned upon. Call a dealer for the code. The price will depend upon what they feel like at the time. If the serial number begins with an M then there should be plenty of people / places that can help If it begins with a V then there are very few with the calculator program, and you best bet would be a dealer.
  19. 3 years are mechanical items not including fair wear and tare. Other items such as trim etc are not covered.
  20. Monitor the current for at least 20 minutes to give the batt saver relay time to shut down. (also close the bonnet when doing the tests)
  21. Bet you do... Also remember the immobiliser is in the cluster so if you swap it your car will not start! :shock:
  22. If your vehicle has the revised GEM module then it's fuse F68 that needs to be checked. I suspect also that ou have no battery feed to the cluster.
  23. Also if you put a top banner on the windscreen it must not penetrate more than 10mm into the swept area. So no large ALAN and TRACY logo's.. ;)
  24. Use something like steel rulers on the top of the cluster and swing top forward.
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