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  1. I can check for you mate pm me your reg :wink: Tezza
  2. From fords 1465888 (kit) will set you back £39.83 retail and ask for discount :lol:
  3. The New Focus (12/2007-) spring-loaded tank flaps close off the upper end of the fuel tank filler pipe in place of the filler cap. The first spring-loaded tank flap features a locking mechanism which checks the filling station nozzle for the right size. This locking mechanism consists primarily of a slider and two releasing notches. The slider has the diameter matching the right filling station nozzle. When the correct filling station nozzle is inserted, the notches move inwards, releasing the slider which in return releases the spring-loaded first flap. Further insertion of the filling stati
  4. "Should a customer express concern about a creaking noise from the steering gear during driving and steering from lock to lock, the probable cause is a manufacturing issue together with the wrong grease used in the steering inner ball joint. These together cause a stick/slip effect. The customer complaint can be verified by feeling the stick/slip effect with the finger on the tie-rod shaft during steering from lock to lock with the wheels on the ground. To rectify this concern, revised tie-rods should be installed :wink:
  5. I know this is in the wrong place but there is not much in the for sale section for the C-max What i have is a set for sale these retail at £232 but only asking for £100 inc del. These are a straight swap 10 mins max to change Tezza
  6. You Have 2 options Primed 1336763 @ £110.24 inc vat Painted 1351518 @ £217.22 inc vat Tezza
  7. Tom, So they arrived then !!! not bad to say you got quoted 8 Feb delivery from your local dealer And your very welcome
  8. You can't just do it for the passenger side you have to deactivate both :cry: If you require the deactivation sequence drop me a pm Tezza
  9. And i wonder were you got that from :wink: :lol:
  10. Sure was mate :wink: and was good to see you again mate now were are the pics of your headlamps you promised :lol: :lol:
  11. We are starting to do quite a few of these now only takes them 20mins as they replace the valve and seals on the brake booster vacum hose :oops: If anyone is concerned about this and not yet had a letter pm me your VIN or reg and i can check to see if you need this doing Tezza
  12. I would say there for the adaptive lighting mate Tezza
  13. There the ones 1465888 is now in kit form retail @ £38.78 inc vat and i could do them for £25.20 or €37 euros :lol: Tezza
  14. A you all may know the focus/c-max wipers are abit on the expensive side £51.24 a pair 1352061/1352063 :shock: :shock: Now here's were i can help you out :D i can offer you a set for £25.20 plus £2 postage. If your interested please drop me a pm Tezza
  15. I know were your coming from mate but trust me the Aussie ones are accessory ones not the factory fitted ones that i quoted Tezza
  16. The key/fob is in 2 parts all you do is hold each end of the fob and give a sharp tug and it will become to parts :D with the remote part it just splits's in half ( put a small screw driver in the slot were the key folds into to help separate) Tezza
  17. The one I'm selling retails @ £148 I'm looking for £50 inc postage Tezza
  18. I have 2 of theses up for grabs if anyone is interested there the ones with ultra sonic sensors built in :wink: Tezza
  19. Yes mate ford parts :wink: and and the ultra sonic on/off switch is fitted to the alarm system and the switch fits in the drivers inner handle bezel Tezza
  20. Mike, The mirrors are £113 each and the switch is £10 and the switch fit's were the ultra sonic on/off switch goes . But not sure if the wiring will be in place so it might have to be retro fitted like the mk1/1.5 power folding mirror's had to Tezza
  21. You can get them in the same style as the factory fitted ones but not with indicators in or with approach lights but can't See why theses cant be added later :wink: Tezza
  22. No you cant get them from fords :cry: you will have to buy the complete fob :evil: But as it happens i have a few of the said badges if anyone whats one for £1.20 posted drop me a pm :wink: Tezza
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