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  1. well weve ordered a colardo red and ive yet to see one on the roads round here. i like to be diffrent :mrgreen:
  2. we waited nearly 9 weeks for our 2.0 tdci titanium had it for about 20 mins before the engine blew now after 2 weeks of arguing with ford we are now having to wait for a new build prob looking up to 12 weeks :roll:
  3. write a official complaint to the sales person, sales manager, the director of which ever ford franchise it is and send one off to ford themselfs. we did that when our order was being messed about by a ford garage we stated that it was luck we didnt go to honda.... we got a quick response back that they are looking into why we were treated like that and everything was being logged and we got an applogy too! it was nothing like they way youve been treated but its something but id certianly kick up big style !!!! good luck :D
  4. well i always say im going to keep a car for 3 to 4 years but the longest ive kept a car before selling it or seeing another car i like to buy is about 20 months and that was my 1.4 focus that ive just sold. awaiting new focus now should get it march..... we have agreed to keep it 4 yrs......wait n see :mrgreen: :lol:
  5. not bad, whos seen then photochop of the convertable thats kicking about now i like that. il see if i can find it
  6. go for silver. its easier to keep clean and i silver car stands out more. :P
  7. dont like it one bit every time i see one or see a picture of it i hate it even more, that the exact same focus thats in our local dealers.
  8. when me and mint foci were in the ford dealers on sunday speaking with the sales manager (totally diffent matter :evil: ) he told us that with the new focus you cant sit with your foot even touching the cluch as it burns it out asap he had a guy in with the clutch burnt out with only a few hundred miles on the clock :shock: the sales manager told ford that it was a faulty cluch and replaced it without a bother but it was due to the drivers fault of not taking his foot completly off the clutch every time he changed gear. next time the driver will be charged for a new clutch!! dont like the
  9. i dont like it one bit i seen one in the flesh on sunday and took a total dislike to it. the inside reminds me of a bmw its too up right and i dont like that arm rest in the middle that would get on my nerves. the front looks like its from a mondeo and the back looks like a seat the back window is at a very weird angle nope i dont like it. :evil: give me my car anyday. :wink:
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