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  1. Spoke to local dealer and they say it should be in showrooms around November time.
  2. There is a thread on this further down. The trick to the locking mechanism is where the cable goes into the mechanism try to remove the gromit and tap the inside of the mechanism with a long thin screwdrive and a hammer. This should knock the cable and lock back into place and you should be able to unlock the bonnet. Hope this makes sense. stuart
  3. What i got mine from Tezza and a set of discs fitted for less than that all in. Was that at a Ford garage by any chance.
  4. Just wondering why would you want to turn off a safety feature in your car?
  5. Cheers thought it was just me. stuart
  6. Coming into the colder weather i have startd to use the heated front and rear heated screen to de mist the windows. I have noticed quite a significant drain on power when this happens ie the lights dip quite a bit and the air con fan slows. Is this common and does this happen with anyone else? stu
  7. Forgot to say you need to work the rubber gromit loose first but this should only take a couple of seconds. And no problem that is what the forum is all about :D :D :D
  8. THe mechanism just taps back into plaec very easily. Just use a long thin screwdriver that can fit betweetn the holes in the grill, look for a hole just above the badge and follow the mechanism back to the latch and tap lightly with a hammer. This should push the lock mechanism back into place. It is a wee bit fidly but saves taking it to a garage or breaking the grill.
  9. Hi Folks I am after pictures preferably close ups of the focus cc front bumper again preferably in a light blue colour. i am just wanting to see what the diference is between them and a normal MK2 bumper. stu
  10. Is it petrol or Diesel. Those are good figures. What exhaust did you get also was it from Cat back or a full system including the manifold? stuart
  11. What sort off grill have you got at the moment. i have just changed my grill to a colour coded one. stuart
  12. My car is covered in similar dents and have had a quote of only £50 to get them removed. That is by a mobile paintless dent removal firm, who has done one of my cars before.
  13. will89, Yip no problem if i do decide to part ex i will give you a pm.
  14. HI i am looking to part ex my car and was wondering what sort of price you guys thought she would be worth It is a 2lt Titanium in Aquarious blue with 40280 miles on the clock. I am also thinking of putting her back to standard. If this is in the wrong place or section feel free to move
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