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  1. yep me to ,looks so much better than the small black one
  2. gutted for you m8, was a really good example of a good mk2 modded
  3. But i got this on my 3 door titanium it even closes the sun roof
  4. there is a how to http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... c&t=138425
  5. http://www.ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name= ... c&t=195287
  6. Make sure in your how to. were you get all your leads and adapters m8 also for future ref. http://www.pioneer.co.uk/uk/flash/produ ... cf900.html
  7. I would sugest that if any body plans this mod in the near future thy sould first apply a plasitc primer before the grey undercoat. you can get it in a can at your local motor discount store, they have this in stock next to all the spray touch up cans (tetrosyl 400ml can for hard plastic,abs,pur,kevlar,polycarbonate and upvc)
  8. Foxta looking good fella,nice to see them on a silver car ,dunna a really good job m8
  9. :evil: £11.60 each rip off,i paid at chris allen ford 1539801 - O/S moulding (Right) - £6.84 1539802 - N/S moulding (Left) - £6.79 paid upfront but was told i my have to wait aweek or two
  10. I orded these seals today, 1539801 - O/S moulding (Right) - £6.84 1539802 - N/S moulding (Left) - £6.79
  11. :twisted: if id, of known :lol: :lol:
  12. yes sikaflex is wat i used, was a sod to get of the old headlights so dont use to much m8 in case you ever take em off
  13. no m8 sticky pads work loose rain and that gets to them, i bonded them on. the stuff you use for sideskirts etc, not a lot mind. dont forget the pics
  14. well adampick all you have to do is give esp design a ring TEL(08707518000) as ask them to order REF AB0912 from icctuning not cheap tho £44.98 total, and ask for ffoc discount http://www.icctuning.com/idiomas/uk/esp ... especiales _ford.html have a look at the ford focus rsr 2 page
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