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  1. Normally the air con if you have been running it in this warm weather. Nothing to worry about if it is. Just the condenser getting rid of the excess water
  2. No leaks an fluid level is all ok. Hasn't done it since so hopefully it was a bit of moisture somewhere it shouldn't of been.
  3. Hi Guys Got back from a holiday in North Wales, Stopped on my way back and when I restarted I noticed the steering really heavy. Initial thoughts were that I had a flat, but glanced at the dash and it said power steering failure. Turned the car off and back on again and everything was all ok. Does anyone know or experienced this before and think it could be a problem starting to rear its ugly head or just a bit of a hiccup and possibly a bit of water got in to a connection somewhere? (weather was horrible!!)
  4. I was informed the setting dont make any difference when at low speeds. e.g over 30mph the sports setting will stiffen up the steering but below that you may as well have it on comfort
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