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  1. Yeah, I finally got some literature through about the changes (even though it changed in January!!) It seems to me, however, that you'll have to change dealers everytime you replace your car - otherwise it would compromise your haggling position! I wonder if they can match the Internet supermarkets before you produce the privilege ticket though? Chris.
  2. I purchased my cmax in Dec 2003 on a privilege voucher and benefitted from a 30% discount. I used to get privilege price lists sent to me if I asked and also I could call up Ford customer services for prices and the latest deals. Now my wife is looking to buy a fiesta diesel, but when I called Ford CS they said I had to speak to my dealer. All my dealer said was available for a fiesta was £750 off list price and a bonus £1000 off specific certain models! I could get a better deal than that from somewhere like new-car-discount.com. Can someone tell me what has happened to the privilege sch
  3. Car is now fixed at no cost to me - and I am assured I have a 12 month warranty on the latest EGR valve. Car is running fine again ... fingers crossed! Chris.
  4. Latest update: New dealer has had it for a week now, but diagnosed the EGR valve! They seemed surprised when I told them (again!) that I had already had one of those within the last year. Do dealers/service ever listen to what you tell them? (Rhetorical) After several days trying to get my new dealer to communicate with my previous dealer - they are finally on my side (I think) to get Ford to fund another replacement. Ford are now aware that I have purchased several new Ford cars in the past and this one has a full Ford service history and a warranty fix list longer than most. Anyway, to
  5. Just an update: Performance is terrible and it has lost power on 2 occasions when pulling out at junctions!! (It recovers after a minute or so). I am also experiencing the 'flat spot' at around 1750rpm. It just feels sluggish and I am not happy with it. It's very strange after it was fine and fun for over a year before all this recent activity. Chris.
  6. I could have just been from Toronto. However, I am not Canadian, but I am a big fan of Rush :)
  7. Update: My new dealer had my car for 2 days, but could not recreate the fault. They said that there was no stored fault code so nothing they could do! I took the car (which was now very shiny and clean!) and averaged 57.8mpg on my journey home of around 20 miles. Usually I get 45mpg at best. Perhaps I now have the latest update? Fingers crossed on the power-loss issue, although I am still a bit wary. My work colleagues are suggesting I buy a Honda or Toyota next :) Chris.
  8. Thanks Bob, My original dealer said Ford Customer Services might(!) allow a discount since the part was originally replaced on 22/2/06 and the problem came back within a year. My new dealer has said they have lost count how many times the EGR has been redesigned so they may be able to do something for me. It's going in on Tuesday - if it starts! Chris.
  9. My 2.0ltr TDCi is just out of warranty (Dec 06) and I have recently had 2 occurrances of the power-loss problem. Both times it happened at starting the car, but with a hot engine after 5 mins or so turned off. During my 1st 18 months of ownership I had at least 4 software updates for this problem and 1 replacement EGR (about 18 months ago). Since then the car has been fine, but I have moved across the country so cannot revisit my original friendly local dealer. [i did have all the other usual problems, but all OK now!] I just wondered what people thought my best course of action would be: I
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