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  4. Hi All, I have surplus stock of the club clothing that I intend to bring to Ford Fair 2021, and they are up for sale at reasonable prices as shown below: 1: Weathershield jacket - (navy blue) reversible jacket Size: 2XL - last one at £20.00 Size: 4XL - last one at £25.00 2: Polo shirts (navy blue) Size - 2XL - last one - £10 Size - L - 2 available - £10 each Size - S - 3 available - £10 each 3: T-shirtsatshirt (navy blue only) Size - M - 5 available - £6 each Size - L - 3 avialable - £6 each
  5. Your obviously very happy with it and why wouldn't you be as they are a nice little setup and yes definitely sounds like your timing was bang on when you 1st saw it and a good deal when you could afford well only a fool would pass up on such a good opportunity.
  6. It is certainly different to my previous one. I wasn’t looking for a sporty version but this one came up & it was too good to refuse - a brand new car with a used car price tag on it ( & just happened to be a ST-Line edition).
  7. Your very welcome Mark , you confirmed what I thought even though you never really mention it much and i bet it was like all your birthdays and Christmases roll into one when you got this one all new and shiny and yes being an ST version I bet you noticed the difference straight away with the stiffer suspension and more supportive drivers seat .
  8. Thanks Ian, i do look after my cars especially this one as it was my first brand new car & sportiest spec I have ever had to date.
  9. Thanks Mark , well I wouldn't of wanted anything to go wrong with your Fiesta either and no it's never the same driving someone else's car so yes fingers crossed nothing will go wrong with your fiesta as you do look after it pretty well .
  10. To be fair I can understand what you are saying & I would have been the same. The B-Max is unlikely to be coming to Ford Fair unless anything bad happens to the Fiesta (hopefully it won’t). The B-Max is a great car but because it’s not mine it wouldn’t be the same as having my car there.
  11. Yes Mark I just had to be certain that other things were in order before i committed myself to buying the tickets so no your not losing the plot and no matter which Ford you come to Ford fair in your still welcome although it would be nice to see the max .
  12. I wondered why your name wasn’t on the list yet. I am still debating on which car to bring with me.
  13. Yes it wouldn't be the same without you Olu so were looking forward to seeing you again . Right so that's me now booked in for this years Ford Fair and I will have the Mrs with me again as I can't keep her away and fingers crossed the weather is nice and dry for us all again .
  14. Agreed, it will be nice to still see you Olu. @ROGUE2 I have just updated it for me, 2 and 2 it was. I have just received the email from them.
  15. Mark, Lisewise it will be great to see you too. I do not mind walking with just my rucksack on my back
  16. Olu, it will be great to see you even if you will have to do the long walk into the circuit from the public car park, at least you won’t have to carry the sail banners though. Mike, have you found out how many tickets/car passes you have got yet? (To update list)
  17. The confirmed date is Sunday 3rd October 2021
  18. Mike - I did think of borrowing his CC but prefer to drive my own
  19. Not bringing the CC with your son was it who had it?
  20. I thought that went without saying as strange vehicles won't be allowed to desecrate the Ford car club stands
  21. Please note that I will be attending and I have purchased my ticket but will be parking in the general carpark with my Audi A5
  22. Put me down 1 ticket 1 car pass I have put the tickets from last year
  23. Yes it's been a really stressful experience for all those that's been working through the lockdowns in the stores and everyone of them deserve a good break .
  24. Totally agree & it is a well earned change of scenery for me after having worked throughout all the lockdowns.
  25. Thank you Kelvin and yes I am getting better slowly and yes I decided that I was going to go as we all need a break from being stuck behind the same 4 walls during the lockdowns and I can take it easy when we get there and rest up for while but most of all I'm looking forward to meeting up with you all again .
  26. Glad you are feeling better and getting stronger just take your time nice to hear you are going to Ford Fair.
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