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  3. It appears that all my old posts have gone somewhere and can’t see anything anymore. A good step backwards in 2021 where has the Clubs gone ? . 

  4. I buy them as proof I was there (have logo included) & a memory of the car I owned when I went to the event.
  5. Yes I understand what you mean but when you get cheeky devils queue jumping what can you do without pulling him up about it . I don't think I ever remember you buying one either Mike tbh .
  6. I have bought one every year, so I have quite a few now (13 to be exact)
  7. Yeah just wanted a rolling shot but always next year.
  8. I don’t think I’ve ever bought one, lol. Here are mine and @E TEA 66’s
  9. That's sods law mate and it's not the 1st time I have seen this happen but at least we new were there mate
  10. The mrs has found part of my car a lovely driver in a fiesta cut in front of me to change lanes then back into their original lane so only have the back end of my car in view.
  11. On the right side so furthest away from the camera so like you said probably hidden by another car. Bit disappointing as have both other years entry photos but can’t be helped.
  12. You were probably behind one of the other cars. Which line were you in? Left or right? (Nearest camera or furthest from camera).
  13. That's a good thought as their was when we came in and we were earlier so he may of been hidden.
  14. I have looked through them all too mate but no joy sorry unless someone else can spot it
  15. Was there a double line of cars when you came in?
  16. Just after 7:30 have looked through all of them just in case they got mixed up somehow but no joy.
  17. Mine is 039 same time slot as you guys & James.
  18. Mike yours is number 100 and I am on that as well and I am on 102, 103 and 104 time slot 6.00 - 6.30 Tun1
  19. Could find mine on the day and just checked and still not on there.
  20. Did anyone get theirs on the day? I did & it was a great photo.
  21. Car entry photos have now been uploaded on photography-uk’s website :- https://www.photography-uk.com/p/2021/C385196320/ford-fair-2021 select the entrance you came in by & the time you arrived.
  22. Yes. Absolutely looking forward to hearing my sporty exhaust sound.
  23. Well I haven't got my car pass yet as Mike will have it due to him sorting mine for me but thanks for clarifying it so we get to play in the tunnel again this year .
  24. We are Tunnel entrance this year, car pass will have T for tunnel or B for bridge.
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