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  4. @Mike11 Yes mine is correct Mike from when I first bought my ticket now I have three extra people coming with me now.
  5. Please post in “Ford Fair - purchased tickets & car passes” thread if you have bought your Ford Fair tickets. You will then be added to the list in that thread. Thank you.
  6. @obasa @stuart daniel carlton & @focusman01 can you confirm your tickets and car passes are correct on this post please? We have 2 posts, the other has more members listed but your tickets and passes don't match. Once confirmed I will edit this one and close the other.
  7. Please post details in the “Ford Fair - purchased tickets & car passes” thread so you can be added to the list. Thanks.
  8. Hi All, Please confirm your ticket purchases etc. 1: Obasa - 1 ticket (no car pass required) 2: Stuart Daniel Carlton - ticket (4) - car pass (1) 3: Thimbles - ticket (1) - car pass (1) 4: Keggy - ticket (2) - car pass (1) 5: Rogue2 - ticket (2) - car pass (2) 6: focusman01 - ticket (5) - car pass (1) 7: 8: 9: 10:
  9. Hi All, As announced yesterday by Boris (Government) the Covid restrictions have come to an end https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-60047438 All those who wish to purchase their Ford Fair ticket should now go ahead Regards FFOC SMT
  10. I hope to be there but I will not be getting my ticket until last knockings. Hopefully it will still be on, but with what the Government is doing at the moment, we never know. Stay safe people !.
  11. It makes sense, if no details then they know it is a passenger. I have my old reg’s that have been scrapped so I can use them still.
  12. Hi All, I would strongly advise that everyone delays purchasing their ticket/s until we know exactly how the virus transmission numbers are known as we enter the New Year and beyond. There may be a case were Social Distancing etc are once again could be put in place as Omicron is sweeping across the country. Large events may once again be placed on hold depending on how things pan put towards the spring/summer of 2022. As soon as information is known from the Government and the Ford Fair Events Team, updates will be posted here. Regards FFOC SMT
  13. When tickets go on sale, they will be a 2 in 1 ticket (entry ticket & car pass in one), but you will still need to add the car details.
  14. It is actually on 14th August NOT 22nd August (Monday??)
  15. Hi all, Please note the following booking procedure and please ensure that you use the Club Access Code as given below: CLUB LOG IN DETAILS FOR 2022 CLUB NAME: FORD FOCUS OWNERS CLUB CLUB ACCESS CODE: FOrdFOCUSoWnERscLUB CLUB DEADLINE: MIDDAY ON MONDAY 18TH JULY 2022 To book club tickets for Ford Fair 2022 please follow these simple instructions... 1. Club members must go to https://www.fastcar.co.uk/ford-fair/ff-club-tickets/
  16. As above, just been posted on the Ford Fair Facebook page. More details for booking info will be posted once known.
  17. Not bothered with cafes since 1st lock down as we don't feel safe especially locally as no one has been wearing them bit seriously I just don't think it's worth the risk although we have had all 3 vaccines now . That doesn't surprise me in the slightest regards the none mask wearing during a rugby match as it's been like that at most sports events which tbh is really bad and no surprise with the overcrowding on the trains as they're not organised which is disgusting. You stay safe too Kelvin.
  18. We are wearing masks also Ian when we go shopping some cafes down here you need a mask others you don`t 60000 people watching the Rugby in a stadium no masks must wear a mask on a train during the Rugby they were packed in the carriages like rats to many different rules. Stay Save everybody.
  19. All being well i intend to be there need 2 tickets one car pass..
  20. I am still wearing a mask when out at the shops .
  21. If we are put in lockdown again, I will probably become unemployed as I refuse to work through another lockdown.
  22. I believe they normally go on sale in January. But due to Covid infections increasing across Europe at the moment - who knows whether it will impact the UK and cause a partial lockdown again (social distancing, working from home amd mask wearing)
  23. They haven’t announced the date yet, let alone when tickets are going on sale.
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