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  1. Totally agree & it is a well earned change of scenery for me after having worked throughout all the lockdowns.
  2. I won’t, I will just run you over with my wheelchair!
  3. Nah, I will just do what I always do - just deal with whatever life throws at me when it happens.
  4. I think last time I was sickening for something which fully developed after Ford Fair.
  5. I hope I am not ill this time, but unfortunately I didn’t book my holiday early enough so will have to work the week before but I have the week after to recover.
  6. That’s a shame mate, but your health has to come 1st & spending the money getting the car back up & running is more important than spending it on tickets to events.
  7. I would go for the dark ones, my brother & i have had them on a few cars now but we never bothered with the rear ones TBH.
  8. My brother has the dark ones on his midnight sky Mk3 foci, the look really good & dont stand out too much either. Transparent ones will stand out too much on the darker colours.
  9. Bad news mate, it has to go to Ford (not cheap!!!!!!!!!!!).
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