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  1. Please post in this thread if you have bought your tickets & car passes (please include number of tickets/passes purchased) & you will be added to the list below:- 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)
  2. My pleasure, although it could change by Sunday (let’s hope it is fully open) - see you Sunday.
  3. Car passes are now correct so please print them ready for Sunday. It’s exactly the same so you won’t need to reprint it.
  4. Same here, so will have to reprint it.
  5. Already added to list (by Mike)
  6. Stand passes are available but have an error on them so please wait for an update before printing them.
  7. Club information is available to download but still no passes or map yet.
  8. ROGUE2


    I have checked my route to Ford Fair & the A43 is showing as having lane closures in place both ways from Silverstone Circuit (Dadford Road) Please take this into account when planning your departure time.
  9. Same here - no one has received their stand pass yet, supposed to be getting early this week apparently.
  10. We haven’t been told yet, we will post it up as soon as we know - it will be in a very good spot though, probably in the centre somewhere.
  11. Really glad you have decided to come after all.
  12. Added to the list. Welcome back Ruth (Focusbird)
  13. Excellent, I will add you to the list.
  14. Great, I will see you there & I will add you to the list.
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