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  1. The club tickets deadline is Monday 19th July @Midday If you want to join us & display your car on our club stand, GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
  2. It is certainly different to my previous one. I wasn’t looking for a sporty version but this one came up & it was too good to refuse - a brand new car with a used car price tag on it ( & just happened to be a ST-Line edition).
  3. Thanks Ian, i do look after my cars especially this one as it was my first brand new car & sportiest spec I have ever had to date.
  4. To be fair I can understand what you are saying & I would have been the same. The B-Max is unlikely to be coming to Ford Fair unless anything bad happens to the Fiesta (hopefully it won’t). The B-Max is a great car but because it’s not mine it wouldn’t be the same as having my car there.
  5. I wondered why your name wasn’t on the list yet. I am still debating on which car to bring with me.
  6. Olu, it will be great to see you even if you will have to do the long walk into the circuit from the public car park, at least you won’t have to carry the sail banners though. Mike, have you found out how many tickets/car passes you have got yet? (To update list)
  7. Totally agree & it is a well earned change of scenery for me after having worked throughout all the lockdowns.
  8. I won’t, I will just run you over with my wheelchair!
  9. Nah, I will just do what I always do - just deal with whatever life throws at me when it happens.
  10. I think last time I was sickening for something which fully developed after Ford Fair.
  11. I hope I am not ill this time, but unfortunately I didn’t book my holiday early enough so will have to work the week before but I have the week after to recover.
  12. That’s a shame mate, but your health has to come 1st & spending the money getting the car back up & running is more important than spending it on tickets to events.
  13. I would go for the dark ones, my brother & i have had them on a few cars now but we never bothered with the rear ones TBH.
  14. My brother has the dark ones on his midnight sky Mk3 foci, the look really good & dont stand out too much either. Transparent ones will stand out too much on the darker colours.
  15. Bad news mate, it has to go to Ford (not cheap!!!!!!!!!!!).
  16. Has anyone else had a pwer steering leak on the MK2 ? Where the pipe attaches to the pump, is it common? :?:
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