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  1. When tickets go on sale, they will be a 2 in 1 ticket (entry ticket & car pass in one), but you will still need to add the car details.
  2. It is actually on 14th August NOT 22nd August (Monday??)
  3. If we are put in lockdown again, I will probably become unemployed as I refuse to work through another lockdown.
  4. They haven’t announced the date yet, let alone when tickets are going on sale.
  5. I buy them as proof I was there (have logo included) & a memory of the car I owned when I went to the event.
  6. I have bought one every year, so I have quite a few now (13 to be exact)
  7. You were probably behind one of the other cars. Which line were you in? Left or right? (Nearest camera or furthest from camera).
  8. Was there a double line of cars when you came in?
  9. Mine is 039 same time slot as you guys & James.
  10. Did anyone get theirs on the day? I did & it was a great photo.
  11. Car entry photos have now been uploaded on photography-uk’s website :- https://www.photography-uk.com/p/2021/C385196320/ford-fair-2021 select the entrance you came in by & the time you arrived.
  12. Yes. Absolutely looking forward to hearing my sporty exhaust sound.
  13. We are Tunnel entrance this year, car pass will have T for tunnel or B for bridge.
  14. I had a reminder email from Kelsey publishing today with the pdf for the tickets (not stand pass) in case I still needed to print them off - which I don’t.
  15. There is still 2 entrances (Bridge & Tunnel).
  16. Certainly have. No Live Action Arena & put trade area where the Arena normally was. I hope it doesn’t rain before Sunday because that area is usually waterlogged if it rains to much. Also parts of it was usually uneven too.
  17. We are on the area that was previously the Trade area (grass)
  18. Not had my stand passes yet. I hope they don’t mess it up. Ford Owners Club are on T12 aswell.
  19. Not a problem, as long as you are there it doesn’t matter who with. My first car show was Ford Fair 2008 with ffoc & I have been to Ford Fair 3 times with a different club over the last 13 years (this year will be 13th year out of last 14 years). But I still went to see everyone on the ffoc stand.
  20. Totally agree. All that teasing about the mods & then show it off on another clubs stand! Tut tut!
  21. It is certainly different to my previous one. I wasn’t looking for a sporty version but this one came up & it was too good to refuse - a brand new car with a used car price tag on it ( & just happened to be a ST-Line edition).
  22. Thanks Ian, i do look after my cars especially this one as it was my first brand new car & sportiest spec I have ever had to date.
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