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  1. Your obviously very happy with it and why wouldn't you be as they are a nice little setup and yes definitely sounds like your timing was bang on when you 1st saw it and a good deal when you could afford well only a fool would pass up on such a good opportunity.
  2. Your very welcome Mark , you confirmed what I thought even though you never really mention it much and i bet it was like all your birthdays and Christmases roll into one when you got this one all new and shiny and yes being an ST version I bet you noticed the difference straight away with the stiffer suspension and more supportive drivers seat .
  3. Thanks Mark , well I wouldn't of wanted anything to go wrong with your Fiesta either and no it's never the same driving someone else's car so yes fingers crossed nothing will go wrong with your fiesta as you do look after it pretty well .
  4. Yes Mark I just had to be certain that other things were in order before i committed myself to buying the tickets so no your not losing the plot and no matter which Ford you come to Ford fair in your still welcome although it would be nice to see the max .
  5. Yes it wouldn't be the same without you Olu so were looking forward to seeing you again . Right so that's me now booked in for this years Ford Fair and I will have the Mrs with me again as I can't keep her away and fingers crossed the weather is nice and dry for us all again .
  6. I thought that went without saying as strange vehicles won't be allowed to desecrate the Ford car club stands
  7. Yes it's been a really stressful experience for all those that's been working through the lockdowns in the stores and everyone of them deserve a good break .
  8. Thank you Kelvin and yes I am getting better slowly and yes I decided that I was going to go as we all need a break from being stuck behind the same 4 walls during the lockdowns and I can take it easy when we get there and rest up for while but most of all I'm looking forward to meeting up with you all again .
  9. Well don't come running to me if you break your leg .
  10. You'll need to take vitamins then to keep your immune system healthy then just to be safe .
  11. I am sure you will manage it alright mate as long as you get a good breakfast down you before setting off for Ford Fair as i made that mistake myself last time so I will be at least having a bowl of porridge this time round .
  12. Thanks Mark and fingers crossed you won't be feeling ill this year .
  13. Right guys I am really sorry to say but you'll just have to put up with my ugly mug again this year as I'm going even if it kills me .
  14. Well Kelvin I guess we will just have to wait and see and hopefully yes by June the 21st you will all be able to meet up in Cornwall as tbh the way things are progressing I don't see the restrictions being as tight by then well that's my opinion so just hope I'm right and yes it's going to be a really weird summer how ever it pans out so fingers and toes crossed eh! . I honestly can't see covid being a long term threat tbh as we basically went through a similar scenario when the 1st flu epidemics happened but it wasn't played out by the goverment to be as serious as covid ascthey had a d
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