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  1. Wow it will be similar to when I 1st came along with Mike .
  2. Depends on the weather and how well organised it is this year I suppose so will just have to wait and see I guess .
  3. It will be a little easier this time round and I do mean little but definitely easier so just might be 30 seconds quicker getting it in and out of my Focus this time .
  4. Yes our stand won't be complete without me as I will be bringing the club gazebo and yes you just might but no one can be certain how things will pan out this year and you'll only find me first if I am there with my car and haven't already wandered off for a nosey round as we have friends on another club stand too .
  5. , funnily enough I left the Facebook page at the beginning of last year as wasn't so keen on the setup as this has been my online Focus home since September 2012 and is so much easier to find what I want but glad you found us through the Facebook page as that was the original idea of it in the 1st place . Depending on when we get there on the day the Mrs and I may find you 1st but we'll see .
  6. My thoughts exactly Just couldn't resist ribbing you over it as I said to the Mrs earlier that you were probably already a member of a local club before you joined us so no apologies necessary and just glad that your going and look forward to seeing you on the day and your friend .
  7. Here here , I think he should be banned from the club tbf
  8. Traitor , we look forward to meeting you and your Focus on the day .
  9. Your obviously very happy with it and why wouldn't you be as they are a nice little setup and yes definitely sounds like your timing was bang on when you 1st saw it and a good deal when you could afford well only a fool would pass up on such a good opportunity.
  10. Your very welcome Mark , you confirmed what I thought even though you never really mention it much and i bet it was like all your birthdays and Christmases roll into one when you got this one all new and shiny and yes being an ST version I bet you noticed the difference straight away with the stiffer suspension and more supportive drivers seat .
  11. Thanks Mark , well I wouldn't of wanted anything to go wrong with your Fiesta either and no it's never the same driving someone else's car so yes fingers crossed nothing will go wrong with your fiesta as you do look after it pretty well .
  12. Yes Mark I just had to be certain that other things were in order before i committed myself to buying the tickets so no your not losing the plot and no matter which Ford you come to Ford fair in your still welcome although it would be nice to see the max .
  13. Yes it wouldn't be the same without you Olu so were looking forward to seeing you again . Right so that's me now booked in for this years Ford Fair and I will have the Mrs with me again as I can't keep her away and fingers crossed the weather is nice and dry for us all again .
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