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  1. Thank you so much for the kinds words. I try my best to keep the marole up given that the club has reduced in size.
  2. Hi All, Firstly I would like say a BIG thank you to Mike and those who woke uo at the crack of dawn, transported the club gear and set uo the stand on benhalf of the club. Secondly, it was simple amazing to see you all again as I have personally missed you all over the past number of years. Getting together again was so much needed and I thoroughly enjoyed your compnay with the chats, banter and laughter and I would not have it any other way. We have amazing cars on the stand and you should all be proud of yourselves for owning, maintaining and modifiying lovely Focus cars.
  3. obasa


    I might go to Trax with a mate who has never beento a car show despite him being a massive petrol head and speed freak
  4. obasa


    Unfortunately as the years have rolled by, the club and its members and forum users appeared to be reluctant to attend this event anymore. I believe this is due to the fact they have seen all the cars of the time of being with the club. However, I can assume that now perhaps there are a numbers of new type customised cars at this years show including hybrid/electric
  5. Hi All, For those of you who wish to attend Trax 2022 it will take place on Sunday 11 September 2022 at Silverstone. Please see all information here: https://www.fastcar.co.uk/trax-silverstone/ Regards FFOC SMT
  6. Hi All, I have surplus stock of the club clothing that I intend sell at bargain prices at Ford Fair as shown below: 1: Weathershield jacket - (navy blue) reversible jacket Size: 2XL - last one at £20.00 Size: 4XL - last one at £25.00 2: Polo shirts (navy blue Size - 2XL - last one - £10 Size - L - 2 available - £10 each Size - S - 3 available - £10 each 3: T-shirtsatshirt (navy blue only Size - M - 5 available - £6 each Size - L - 3 avialable - £6 each Size - XL
  7. I believe that the booking will need to amended by the Organisers. You will need to contact them.
  8. Hi this is Martin I have booked Ford fare But on the wrong  Club is it all right to  Is it all right to go on to the  focus stand

  9. Hi All, Please confirm your ticket purchases etc. 1: Obasa - 1 ticket (no car pass required) 2: Stuart Daniel Carlton - ticket (4) - car pass (1) 3: Thimbles - ticket (1) - car pass (1) 4: Keggy - ticket (2) - car pass (1) 5: Rogue2 - ticket (2) - car pass (2) 6: focusman01 - ticket (5) - car pass (1) 7: nicholls0601 - ticket (2) - car pass (1) 8: E TEA 66 - ticket (2) - car pass (1) 9: 10:
  10. Hi All, As announced yesterday by Boris (Government) the Covid restrictions have come to an end https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-60047438 All those who wish to purchase their Ford Fair ticket should now go ahead Regards FFOC SMT
  11. Hi All, I would strongly advise that everyone delays purchasing their ticket/s until we know exactly how the virus transmission numbers are known as we enter the New Year and beyond. There may be a case were Social Distancing etc are once again could be put in place as Omicron is sweeping across the country. Large events may once again be placed on hold depending on how things pan put towards the spring/summer of 2022. As soon as information is known from the Government and the Ford Fair Events Team, updates will be posted here. Regards FFOC SMT
  12. Hi all, Please note the following booking procedure and please ensure that you use the Club Access Code as given below: CLUB LOG IN DETAILS FOR 2022 CLUB NAME: FORD FOCUS OWNERS CLUB CLUB ACCESS CODE: FOrdFOCUSoWnERscLUB CLUB DEADLINE: MIDDAY ON MONDAY 18TH JULY 2022 To book club tickets for Ford Fair 2022 please follow these simple instructions... 1. Club members must go to https://www.fastcar.co.uk/ford-fair/ff-club-tickets/
  13. I believe they normally go on sale in January. But due to Covid infections increasing across Europe at the moment - who knows whether it will impact the UK and cause a partial lockdown again (social distancing, working from home amd mask wearing)
  14. Hi All, Please indicate whether you will be attending Trax 2022 (Covid pending): 1 2 3 4 5 6
  15. Hi All, Please indicate whether you will attend Ford Fair 2022 (Covid pending) 1: Obasa - Ticket (2) Car pass (1) (plus club merchandise and stickers will be on sale) 2: Mike11 - Ticket (1) Car pass (1) 3: Rogue2 - Ticket (2) Car pass (2) 4: E Tea 66 - Ticket (1) Car pass (1) 5: Nicholls0601 - Ticket (1) - Car pass (1) 6: Keggy - Tickets (2) - Car pass (1) 7: Thimbles - Ticket (1) - Car pass (1) 8: Stuart Daniel Carlton - Ticket (1) - Car pass (1) 9: E TEA 66 - Ticket (2) - Car Pass (2) 10: RS52 MCL - Ticket (1) - Car pass (1) 11: And
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