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  1. Just booked 1car 2 people and 2 children.
  2. Just bought my mine 2 tickets 1 car pass could you put me on the list see you all there.
  3. Yeah just wanted a rolling shot but always next year.
  4. The mrs has found part of my car a lovely driver in a fiesta cut in front of me to change lanes then back into their original lane so only have the back end of my car in view.
  5. On the right side so furthest away from the camera so like you said probably hidden by another car. Bit disappointing as have both other years entry photos but can’t be helped.
  6. Just after 7:30 have looked through all of them just in case they got mixed up somehow but no joy.
  7. Could find mine on the day and just checked and still not on there.
  8. No worries only got my vehicle pass this morning with all the info on what to do.
  9. Can we use either as can’t find anything on my tickets.
  10. So is their only 1 entrance this year was sure 2 have been used in previous years.
  11. Can’t wait missed 2019 and last year hopefully be good weather.
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