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  1. I will be bringing my camping stove, table and some tea, coffee, sugar etc. If you wish to have a drink, please bring a cup with you if you can. I might not have enough for everyone. See you all tomorrow morning. Mike
  2. Mk3 RS? You upgraded from your Mk2?
  3. @ROGUE2@keggy @j87uk @focusman01 @Thimbles @caveman @Focusbird @Tezza @Ldsundance If you are tagged can you reply with what car you are bringing, Mk will do. I am just trying to plan ahead for stand layout. I will find the others out on Facebook and have added the one's I am 100% on. I know some of you have changed so thought I would check.
  4. I am pleased to say that I emailed in and we have been offered a Prime position at Ford Fair this year to be part of this Anniversary Celebration. If any member wish to join us on our Club Stand then please the follow the procedure in the following post and purchase your tickets using our password: If you have already bought yours to join our club this year, please comment in the forum post below: I look forward to seeing everyone there, both old and new faces.
  5. I will add this to the Facebook group too.
  6. Thank you for the kind words too Olu, it was nice to catch up with you and the other members too. Always love coming to this, even if it is a 3am start for me, ha. Great to see some new faces join us too, onwards and upwards to next year, maybe even a couple of others shows we can push too.
  7. Your tickets you got when you first bought them via eventbright. They came from this email noreply@order.eventbrite.com
  8. We are awaiting on the Club Map to come out, but we are in T3 which is ace! Right over near the main area and feature stands it should be. I think we have 11/12 cars on stand, this doe not include your extra one @ROGUE2, or mine.
  9. @caveman1Worst case we have at least 1 spare car space, so if you can get to our stand then you can park on it, no one checks if we have stands close to each other.
  10. @obasa @stuart daniel carlton & @focusman01 can you confirm your tickets and car passes are correct on this post please? We have 2 posts, the other has more members listed but your tickets and passes don't match. Once confirmed I will edit this one and close the other.
  11. It makes sense, if no details then they know it is a passenger. I have my old reg’s that have been scrapped so I can use them still.
  12. As above, just been posted on the Ford Fair Facebook page. More details for booking info will be posted once known.
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