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  1. as above need a driveshaft for a mate. yunii
  2. called in at ford showroom looking at the titanium x, 1.6 ecoboost with 150ps, not bad interior, i wouldnt be buying one for a long while as it'll too complex to mod like mk1/1.5 or even mk2/2.5. but their was a nice fiesta GTR version which caught my eye. yunii
  3. oucch! +1, i'll be honest its bad but not too bad ,you're looking at anything from £45- £60 a corner,i paid £45 a corner which includes tyres off repair shotblast,powdercoat ,wheel on balanced & new valves fitted.. the only thing they might be able to match genuine colour. i had all 4 done so was ok for any colour yunii
  4. as i'm on a hill inclined area, i've tried with esp on & it wouldn't let me climb, but now i've tried with it off & no trouble getting,infact i havent been stuck at all . mine is 2.0 esp mk1.5 2003 model. yunii
  5. mine is the heated leather seats, just ideal for cold early mornings & staring at st170 dials 8) 8) 8)
  6. :D hi mate, just ensure when its repaired that the ride is as good as it was cos sometimes suspention damage can never b right as i experience, the car was never the same after the accident, also inspect the repair as these days theres alot of careless workers cutting short taking shortcuts. i'm not trying to put you off but putting you in picture.good luck ,hope it comes better than before, yunii
  7. soz to hear this, i'm glad your ok , accidents kind of knock you off , the after effects take time getting over with. you tend to be more nervy after having the accident, you tend to think more whilst driving & all sorts of thoughts come to your mind. is this the car on your avatar?
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