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  1. I had my first night with the Philips Xtreme Vision last night. Whilst it may put out more light and reports claim it has a longer beam....i think i may be putting my Osram Nightbreakers in! I'm not too impressed with the Philips to be honest! I thought they would be a lot better than they are! I saw a video clip the other day by some guy from Osram who said that it's ok having more light on the road, but you need the filters to control the beam....something i don't think the Philips has because like i say....the beam doesn't seem to be as long as they claim and doesn't seem to be as long as
  2. I had the same problem with my light unit mate although it wasn't the actual headlight i had trouble removing....it was the connector block i had trouble getting back in! Your have to put the bulb in a certain way and then the connector block will fit. It was very tricky!!
  3. LOL i know mate...thats my mk 2.5...ive just not had chance to update my pic yet! Still not been out to test the Xtreme Vision bulbs yet but will be doing tomorrow night!
  4. Hey guys. Has anyone upgraded their headlights bulbs on their mk3? I put Philips Xtreme Vision (voted the best) in my mk 3 tonight as they arrived today but ive not had much chance to test them yet. I also have a pair of Osram Nightbreaker Plus which were in my mk2.5 and they are very good! I also discovered that the standard bulbs in my mk 3 were also Philips whch i was quite shocked with. They must only be the VisionPlus or EcoVision bulb or the Philips Premium bulb though...something cheap! Just wondering if people have upgraded for the winter and if so...which bulbs have you gone for a
  5. Thanks for the comments guys....i guess its not going to happen! Can anyone tell me what the standard stereo unit is like for sound quality etc?
  6. I was hoping to maybe replace it with the Sony unit out the Titanium....unless there's no difference in sound quality compared to the standard unit i'll be getting in my Zetec S? Does anybody know??
  7. Guys, Does anyone know if the stereo in the mk 3 can come out and be replaced? Is this easy to do? Cheers.
  8. Ive been told by Allen Ford that the air deflectors they have for the mk 2 wont fit the mk 3? They dont actually have any for he mk 3!
  9. Hey guys, Does anybody know where i can get an S badge fot my Zetec S and also where i can get tinted wind deflectors from apart from ebay? Cheers.
  10. Didnt notice the missing fuel filler cap! Good spot! I was quite impressed with how this looks! :)
  11. Is this a pic of the new Focus RS or a very good photoshop?? Found it on the internet. You decide.
  12. Yeah thats right mate. Its the future of Ford engines so a lot more models will see it. Its a good engine IMO.
  13. Doesn't it limit the light output though? Im not a fan of it myself to be honest. I'd rather stick with the already dark headlight bezel and get the light on the road.
  14. Right i get it. Are you 100% sure that its legal??
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