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  1. Hello :) I posted this question in Ask Tezza, but he's on vacation for several days, so I hope anyone here might help me.. :) I just ordered a 2010 Focus Titanium 1,6 TDCI (109hp) with original body kit. I have three questions regarding this car, as the mechanics and the sales team here in Norway can't answer my questions... I asked to have the car delivered with 18", and was told that that is not possible on the 1,6 diesel engine (!?). Is that correct? (I've asked them to fit the Steering Rack Limiter, so I suppose that I can fit aftermarket 18"?) I also asked to have the car deli
  2. Thank you. This is what I'm looking for. I will get all I need from donor cars, but I need to know what to take from the cars. Marry Christmas!
  3. Hello. I have a 2005 Focus Wagon. I would like to fit some power windows to the rear doors, and I need to know what parts I need to get this working. Anybody that has this knowledge? Thanx. caman
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