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  1. Hi, I have a 1.6 Zetec, with 3 Michelin Primacys on and 1 Hankook tyre, I'm looking at swapping 2 tyres so that I have a new, matching pair on the front. What tyre do you suggest? I've got on my shortlist: Michelin Primacy HPs Toyo Poxes T1-R I am open to any tyre from blackcircles/tyreshopper/anywhere else that has a just turn up and they'll fit them approach. I would like the tyres to be as good, or better than the Primacys in terms of the grip to noise ratio. I'm happy with the Michelins, but not the Hankook but before getting michelins I figure I'd find out if I should get it
  2. Hi, On the 2007 model of the Zetec Climate were there two 1.6 engines? I seem to be seeing conflicting information as to whether they're 100bhp or 115 bhp. As I've just bought an 07 Zetec Climate (which I get on Friday), and I've no idea as to if it's 100bhp or 115bhp and information on the 07 Zetec Climate seems hard to come by. Any help is appreciated Thanks
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