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  1. Hmm, i've NEVER had the paintwork check stamped in my book. Got it from ford direct, and never even got told about it at all. I'll take it down to fords tomorrow, and see what they say. Why do the job myself, when they'll do it FOC hopefully.... If they say no, i'll have a chat with the guy in charge..
  2. So i was down the shops today, when i noticed that the washer pipe for the rear window had been rubbing on the bodywork. The pipe had worked away the clear coat, and also the paint, and has now gotten its way down to the metal of the body. I've also noticed that there is a touch of rust on the metal. I took a picture of it, and it doesn't look like much, but.. Sure, the rust NEEDS to go, but is it a case of slapping some hammerite on it? OR should i give the car to fords to deal with under warranty? (Assuming that the paintwork there is under warranty). Failing that, should i argue t
  3. When did you do that? Was it relatively recently? Give it a few weeks and then report back ;)
  4. I'm presuming that it's to do with the additives that're pumped into the fuel to dull them down, make them safer and cleaner etc.. Supermarket fuels are the same as the top brands iirc, but with moar additives.
  5. Just wondering how easy these blighters are to change? I'm seriously thinking of getting some colour coded srips, instead of teh black plastic (With wax marks all over them courtesy of my dad.. :x ). Just wondering, is it easy enough to get them off? Or is it a door card off jobby? Oh, and how much (At a guess) would it be for a garage to colour them? Cheers :)
  6. You could give it a go. i know a few people will say that there is increased throttle response etc.. But in reality, the car is only mapped for 95oc fuel, not the 97/98 of the ultimate. So you won't really see a difference. But by all means, spend a few quid extra, and see if a couple of tanks makes a difference. 6p a litre isn't that much, what, an extra £3 per tank?
  7. BTW, i went for conti contipremiumcontact 2 tyres, and so far, they're much better than the dunlop sport O1s that were on the car previous.
  8. I've seen plenty around with a towbar. I was thinking of getting one a while back with a towbar mounted bike rack, but i just couldn't afford it.
  9. Well, i had the front end up, as per this topic here http://ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name=Foru ... 15#2059715 And i used an axle stand here.. Not too sure whether it was in the right place or not. I was originally thinking the bolt on the top right of the frame, but still, that may be in the wrong place.
  10. Right. Jacked the car up last weekend, and it seemed fine sat on the rear beam between the two rear wishbones. Still kept the jack up also to hold some of the weight. But the front, i think i know where to put the stands. The suspension beams curve and point towards the rear of the car. Axle stands at the point of where they meet the car chassis? Going to have a look this next few days now i have my bilberry and wheel sealer..
  11. mine's currently at 47mpg. the car really doesn't want to give any more. And that's at motorway cruising speeds, say, 65-70. This time 6 months ago, the car would've been sat at 54mpg easy. 1.8tdci btw.
  12. Oh, put the pen in the glovebox, and the paper in the back of the seats.. SORTED!
  13. Just put in the FFOC pen in the clip. Oh, and :shock: :lol:
  14. Oh, and is it an idea to jack up both sides of the car, then put the stands under? Never actually jacked up the focus before.. Nor used axle stands, as i could get under my last car.
  15. Hi, QUICK question. This weekend = detailing the car. I'm going to sort out these alloys of mine. They've never seen a clean on the inside of the wheel, so i'm going to be stripping off the brake dust, and baked on * * * *, and then cleaning the wheel arches, then sealing the alloys. (Finishing off with a wash and wax on sunday) So to do this, i'm going to jack the car up, and whack it on some axle stands. But heres the question, where abouts should the axle stands go on the axle? Are there any pictures which would give safe positions of the stands? Cheers :D
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