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  1. Thanks guys :) Am being thick (and know nothing about baby seats!). Looking in my manual it seems to suggest I have them but I couldn't see any yesterday so perhaps the person who bought the car first didn't have them fitting? (I bought it 6 months old - and I think it was a reps car before that). Jo - if I can get them from you guys for £15 that's great :) djfaulkner - does it mean then that a seat off a travel system (those seats which fit on top of a pushchair) just click on? Do you need to have a base or something as well? And then you wouldn't need to use the seatbelt at all? As I said - I'm having a thick day! (week, life ...) Nicky
  2. Hi all Have not brought my car info book to work with me but does anyone know if an 07 zetec climate has Isofix or equivalent? Thanks Nicky
  3. Oooh reading the handbook?!?!?!??!?!???? I must do that sometime! Thanks though guys - that may well have solved that problem - and I'll have a go at pushing the windows when they're on the way down. Nicky
  4. I've got a heated front screen (which is why my hands don't have to get cold I just get to listen to Chris Moyles for two minutes whilst it all clears!) but my mirrors really take forever to clear.
  5. But my hands will get cold carrying them round to the car Richie - Im a girl and even with my beautiful purple leather gloves on, its still boy's work ;)
  6. Guys I know you'll all think I'm mega lazy (and you'd be correct!) but I love my new car in every way except .... When you've got in the car in a morning and its a really light frost or just wet on the outside of the windows I would usually just click the front windows down and then back up again and they'd be wiped. Not with my focus - it drives me mad. I have to drive a mile up the road with the windows down so I can see properly until I join the motorway where the wind blows the water off. And also - do anyone else's heated mirrors take 3 years to heat? Or am I doing something wrong? (Do I even have heated mirrors?!?!) Nicky
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