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  1. Does anyone have a copy of the 6000CD manual (in PDF) :?: Thanks
  2. I have just got my MK2 today :D , understand from the dealer I am the 2nd person in the country to have collected the new focus. :shock: Disappointed that the autolock feature does not work :cry: Have tried the sequence but it doesn't work. Any ideas how to get it working as you guys have been discussing :?:
  3. Thank you for your reply, has anyone of the new Focus owners tried it :?: I will certainly try the "setup sequence" (used on the 2002 Focus) on the new Focus the moment I lay my hands on it. Hope to get confirmation from the new Focus owners that it works!! :)
  4. I am currently driving a 2002 Focus, which has been set to automatically lock the doors when I drive off. Am wondering if it is possible to set the new Focus to do the same?
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