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  1. Nice wheels... Click here Global Auto Index news item for the news item
  2. I have just ordered a Ghia. The reason was simple. I was looking around at a nearly new 2.0 TDCi and there are loads of Ford Direct Ghia models around and very few Ultima. This means the purchase price of an Ultima is high but, on the plus side, this should mean the future resale will ne high. My concern was that Ultima price is high because it is rare (and certainly very desirable) and should Ford ever release it as a standard model in the near future (which seems fairly likely I would say) there will be loads available and that will reduce the retained value. I have ordered a 6,000 mile Nov 2004 TDCi Ghia with leather, F&R park assist, privacy glass for £12,900 with a very resonable trade-in on my old Citroen. It lacks the wheels and body kit of the Ultima but I can live with that. All of the above is a decision made purely by the head and not by the heart though. The Ultima looks *fantastic* for sure and if it doesn't become a regular model will continue to be very sought after I would expect. You pays your money.... Craig
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