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  1. Hi! After asking about insuracne for an 18 y/o on a post further down - I decided to go and order one - just been - i bet it'll be a long wait... Focus Zetec 1.6 3dr in PANTHER BLACK (loved the color after seeing it on here! lol) with these options: Sony single cd/mp3 player 17" alloys ESP Ian
  2. I'll put my dad on as a named driver and he's got full no claims etc - so i suppose that brought it down a bit. I understand your point but yes i am able to pay that kind of premium - so i don't see the point in having an older car if i can afford a premium on a brand new one. Thanks for your time Ian
  3. I've just done an online quote thingy with Elephant and it has come up with this (I've got 0 no claims - me as the registered owner etc) £1310! Is that a reasonable quote?
  4. hey thanks guys i shall try them. Cheers Ian
  5. Hi i'm new here - i've been looking around for a while now (great site!) - anyway i was thinking does anybody now how much the insurance will be for a Male 18 year old on a brand new 1.6 Zetec? Thankyou Ian :)
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