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  1. i found out it doesnt have the heated fromt windscreen sadly. is there somewhere i can input a reg to show me the info?
  2. guys, looking at the above in an 08 plate - the sellers a bit foreign sounding and cant tell me if it has the heated front windscreen option, can anyone give me further info on what I am to expect. It was difficult just trying to get him to answer if the car is a 5sp or 6sp!
  3. do you mean the DPF? I was looking at the 1.6 purely due to the mpg it can give but dont mind either the 1.8 or 2.0 as long as its better than what my leon cupra used to give - best ever was 34mpg on a long run at a constant 60mph, normally would see 30mpg on motorways and low 20's around town. 300miles to a full tank max :oops: Another query, VAG group cars have the VAGCOM software accessible thru the OBDII port, do Ford's have anything similar that we can access?
  4. guys, i am a newbie to this forum and have found a lot of useful info. shocked at some of the tdci mpg claims (on the low figures) but very hapy with the ones showing the higher figures. been looking for a focus buying guide on here but couldnt find it and so wasnt sure there was one. i am looking at buying a mk2 tdci and would prefer the 2.5 version? the 2008 onwards facelift look tbh but would happily settle for the mk2. seen an ST lookalike and thats about it really. if someone can point me in the right direct i would be most grateful thanks 8)
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