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  1. Ok will have a look some point might be tomorrow now though.
  2. Here you go. Both sides included.
  3. Thanks for the help Tezza. I opened it up and think where good to go. check the pictures below. I think the circled is the wire needed Right led is this the multi coloured is there any way to tell? left led What do you think?
  4. Never one to take the easy answer I decided to have a look to see if these can be retro fitted and how hard it will be. From what I can tell the switch needs to go in the roof centre console shown in pic. As there is alarm cables in here I hope to find some spare connectors or cables in here as they may be on the same wiring loom (In the mk1.5 focus the wiring loom was often the same just things were not connected). The first problem is how to take it off or has anyone taken it off to have a look and could post a picture of what is hidden within. The control would go into the bit circl
  5. just found this on Ask Tezza. Looks like a few people would like to do it but might be a big job.
  6. Just got 1 of these a week ago and just found the ambient lights last night. The only problem with them is that they are red and can't seam to change the colour. I find this strange as every other light in the car is white or blue. My OCD :? can't handle this so I wonder if there is a way to change the colour either through adding the switch from the titanium X if the wiring is behind the dash or a tweak on the wiring (I assume they are multi colour led's that change with the voltage). Any info would be great.
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