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  1. thank you, thats brill will post up pics of it done
  2. anyone debagged there focus???
  3. any pics of new focus with rear chrome indicator lights plz :D
  4. How difficult is it to change the rear indicator lights in the new focus
  5. well got my windows tinted, looks mint, well worth the money, just got some chrome bulbs for my side repeaters, must say they do look good
  6. what do u think i should go for light smoke or medium
  7. I am thinking of getting my 5 door focus windows tinted in light smoke, was quoted £200 wat u think, its aquriqus blue
  8. the two best colours are aquraus blue and ST Orange, Panther Black looks good but too hard to keep clean!
  9. u will need a deep pocket, non turbo engines require a lot of work to fit a turbo, a lot of parts would need to be changed etc, focus st is the way to go, or just keep ur car engine the way it is
  10. i have a 1.8 tdci and i get 38 mpg around town and 42-44 mpg on the motorway
  11. i have the 1.8 diesal, zetec and i think its nippy for a diesal, i am 19 and this is my second car, i believe it was one of the best choices i have made, its a 5 door so priactical too, and what i massive boot, u could fit a small family in there
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