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  1. Thanks for the welcome, I did think of that, but I would prefer to see if there is pedal rubber. Strange as I have never noticed on Automatics before that they did not have Rubbers on the Pedals. Checked with a friend who has had Automatics and has one now and he says that he has always had rubbers on the pedals. Is this peculiar to Fords.?
  2. I have just bought a New Focus Automatic 1.6 TDCi. As my wife will be driving it , it's her car. She has problems with her hips. Now the Problem appears to be that there is no Rubber on the Accelerator Pedal and her foot keeps slipping. Is there one availbale for it or is it just missing. I need help here as she cannot drive it till I can solve this. Only picked it up yesterday so I did not notice it myself.
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