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  1. Thanks for all the help guys. I've just downloaded the manual for my MK2 and found the fuse chart :D clear as day....Left hand fuse and right hand fuse :D now i just have to hope its only a blown fuse lol I'll let you know how it turns out :)
  2. Having a slight problem with my windscreen.... only half of it defrosts when i use the heated front screen. I wouldn't mind too much, but its the drivers side that doesn't work! Anyone have any ideas for a DIY job, such as a blown fuse or something? or do i have to take it to Ford? i cant really afford an expensive bill this side of christmas. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the tip. I might just give it a go. I got my car serviced, and its now putting out about 38mpg on the motorway, and around 30mpg around town. Got some redex too to give the injectors a clean, so hopefully it'll creep up a little after that.
  4. no idea why, but i wouldn't mind a pair. i was looking for spring/damper kits, but couldn't find any. so i'm going to have to settle for coilovers when i can afford them.
  5. KW Varient 1 are the cheapest i can find. Check out demon tweeks for them. I think they were around £600
  6. I'd get it remapped once i've got the exhaust system fitted and a set of fast road cams put in :) i'd hope to see around 190bhp after all that.
  7. Took my car into Awesome GTI in Manchester for a rolling road. Thought i'd check out what it is standard before i started adding more mods. 2.0lt Duratec Titanium with K&N 57i Max Power: 155.56 bhp Max Torque: 129.90 lb ft Its got more 13bhp, but slightly less torque than standard. Chuffed to bits though :D Talking to the dyno guy, he said a new manifold, sports CAT & performance exhaust would add around 20bhp to that and sort out the torque too :D 175bhp here i come!!!! :D hehe
  8. At least you'll have a reasonable excuse for being late to work :D hahaha
  9. I'll get it serviced i think. it had a full service in May this year. Get all the filters changed i think. Maybe run some redex through it too. Hopefully i'll be seeing the magical 40mpg again :)
  10. I've been getting some really s*** mpg figures recently. Over a run of 120miles of motorway i'm getting 34.1mpg, and local driving i'm getting 28mpg. Admittedly i am a little heavy footed, but it never used to be that low. I used to get 38-40mpg on motorway runs, and 33mpg round town. My car specs are: 2.0lt Duratec Petrol 2005 Mk2 Titanium 61,000 miles K&N 57i + cosmetic mods (body kit etc) Running around 145-150bhp Anyone have a similar setup? What are your mpg's? I've got a 4-1 manifold & sports CAT sat at home ready to go on the car and am worried my mpg will hit an all tim
  11. I think if its a 1.8D/2.0 model it uses the MTX75 gearbox.
  12. Mines quite annoying too. I've got the Sony 6CD unit. If i push the button to turn it off, about 50% of the time it just comes back on lol
  13. My 2.0lt titanium feels a bit laggy sometimes. I was thinking of rolling roading it. Its supposed to have 142bhp standard, and gain about 5bhp after running the engine in (25k+). Sometimes its nice n quick off the mark, other days its 'grumpy'. Just bought a 4-1 manifold, and custom exhaust with sports CAT, so that should perk things up a bit :D If i've only got 160bhp after all that, i'm gonna be f****d off :( lol
  14. i find that braking suddenly can make the bumper just 'fall' off :P haha do you have a bumper strengthing bar? you might find its screwed to that too.
  15. Not wanting to take advantage of the topic here........ but.....well if it works, and anyone wants to give it a go...... i've got a pair of ST xenons for sale :P I swapped out my chrome ones for black ones. So £100 if anyone wants a set of chrome xenons :P :D
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