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  1. its me again! just bought ford sony mp3 unit of ebay with code but with no manual ive been told i can get them online any ideas where please? thanks
  2. just bought the latest new ford sony generation 2 mp3 head unit to replace standard fit ford 6000cd unit in my cmax bought it coz it plays mp3 disks and it has bluetooth phone buttons on the front (accept and reject calls), which i assume means that it can be used for bluetooth now want to connect it up to enable to use the bluetooth function it has can somebody help or tell me what i need to do please, thanks
  3. ive noticed condensation to inside of rear light on my 57plate cmax , could there be something wrong with the seal if so how do i check it or take off the light to reseal it?
  4. Im also getting this misting problem with my 57 plate c-max!, if its raining the only way to clear screen is to turn on a/c, it automatically comes on when the dial is on the front windscreen. this is really annoying my previos cars never had air con and they demisted the screen fine after a few minutes. i didnt expect this on a new car, could the air filter need changing? i try not to use a/c to save on fuel, does anybody know if one of the other settings is better for clearing the windows as a whole and not just the windscreen, how about anti mist fog window cleaners would they work. im
  5. Just noticed whilst looking for bonnet release for my cmax (dont worry i remembered its opened at the front with my key, i keep forgetting). Anyway noticed that below headlight dial in small hole / shelf to put little bits in ie. small change etc. that there is some sort of connection socket in dash above shelf that looks similar to a scart lead connection, does anybody know what its for? Is it for when servicing at a ford dealer so that they can connect to onboard engine computer? any ideas?
  6. so whos diesel gives you the most then mace i.e. where do you get your diesel from
  7. glad to here that as Ive got one of those. lol i meant whos diesel gives more mpg. ie. shell, texaco teso asdas :D
  8. Just wondering if people have tried and tested different diesels and get more mpg from 1 than the other? found this site useful for checking local costs http://www.petrolprices.com/ just pop in your post codes
  9. Sorry if this has been asked before. Want to top up engine coolant on my new 57 plate 1.6 TDCi Duratorq Diesel C-max that is low currently pink in colour handbook recommends Motorcraft Super Plus Antifreeze WSS-M97B44-D, is it best to stick to same colour stuff and manufacturers recommendation or just top it up with water. What oil do i need 5w 40? part synthetic or fully?, do diesel cars tend to use more oil, how can i check if the engine oil has filter or not and cooling system including heating. thanks
  10. zt190sy, looking to update my standard fit ford 6000CD head unit for bluetooth where did you get "a retrofit the adv bluetooth/voice" any instructions or guides that helped you carry out this fitting?
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