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  1. It shows directions when using the navi. . :D
  2. Yes, i had a nice BMW 520IA -98modell touring, which i traded inn for my new focus, the dealer sold it in mars, so the dealer had to offer me an replasement until i got my new car, so i have had a free car for 4mnd inklusive incurance. . . i travel alot in my work so this was a plus for me.. :)
  3. I orderd my Titanium TDCI 5.feb-05 and got it 15.juli-05. It was a very long waitingperiod. I have a lot of options on the car, so the dealer "blamed" it on that.
  4. To fold the mirrors manually, i must press the upper part of the button in, in the driversdoor, next to the doorhandle. Same procedure to fold them out again.(upper part of switch). This I know. . . (I have the car) :D . I was just courius if any of you had heard of this as an software tune up? Mvh Thomas.
  5. Hi! I orderd mine Titanium with folding mirrors, but does anybody know how to make the outside mirrors fold inn automaticly when i lock the car? Or isn`t this possible at all? I`v seen other makes witch has this option. Looks cool. . . mvh Thomas. http://TJohnsen.photosite.com/
  6. Thanks, handels perfecktly, loves curves. . . :D
  7. Hi everyone! I would like to express my comment about my new car.. . I`v always been into cars ( this is my 33. car), and i was happy and satisfied driving along in my BMW estate -98, when i saw an interesting car in the window at a forddealer. . . I have never been keen on fordmodels, but this car was very interesting. . After a few testdrives and som serious consideration, i turned in my nice BMW and order me a Focus Titanium TDCI. But the road until i got my Focus was very long. I orderd it 5.februar and did`nt get it deliverd until 15.july. This was a wery long wait, but when i finally got
  8. Hi! I got my 1,6TDCI Titanium friday 15.7, with orginal sportsuspension, it is 15mm lower than a standard car, and better antiroll (stiffer).
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