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  1. my brake pedal squeaks when released any ideas? its a 1.6 mk2. also car has had the numberplate lights replaced as corroded and now when the lights are on i can see the them through the rear view mirror reflecting on the rear window. must be a gap in the cover at the back. grrr
  2. what type of bulb are the middle bulbs in the headlights?can i swap them for birghter ones too? iv'e swapped the h1 and h7s already
  3. sorted-faulty sensor/bearing.:)
  4. no DTC fault code. just says dtc#00 none
  5. cheers will check for that code, also for a few days last week i was getting a tiny electric shock off the drivers door when i was getting out and closing it lol very weird..........
  6. cheers, spoken to ford who want 80.84 just to put it on the computer to tell me whats wrong with it. could a non-dealer have a look or does it need to be ford?????
  7. rear Bumper – 1424081 @ £176.36 Drivers Fog Bezel – 1378128 @ £7.54 Drivers Fog Surround – 1406903 @ £9.89 Passengers Fog Bezel – 1378129 @ £7.57 Passengers Fog Surround -1406907 @ £9.89 i have the black surrounds but not the silver bit round the outside, is that the bezel or the surround???? cheers
  8. ABS light has just come on. and also the AC light keeps coming on randomly. any ideas what could be causing this???? could the brake pads just need changing?
  9. ah read this post http://ffoc.co.uk/modules.php?name=Foru ... highlight= double sided tape it is :lol:
  10. hey thanks for that one other question. got me skirts today. can see where they bolt on underneath but ive noticed they have little yellow plugs on the back, where do these slot into??
  11. hey mate thanks for that . where you get your exhaust from/fitted at????? if ya dont mind me asking
  12. couple of questions about this 1- i have bought the st front bumper washer jet covers, can these just be stuck over the holes??? 2- the fog light surrounds seem to be needing screw in the front???? 3- can i attach the rear st bumper whilst i still have my standard exhaust on???
  13. tried car in 5th gear at 20mph and didnt rev up also took car to garage and they said the clutch was fine. yeah my power loss is only slight also will have a look at PS fluid although sure this was ok the other night when i checked it. one other thing is i had my exhaust replaced bout 3 months ago and ever since, when i put my foot on the gas i can hear the exhaust near the manifold sucking air in. had this checked once and was told this was sealed fine.......
  14. still getting this smell, have noticed a lack in power also....
  15. yeah does smell a bit plastic/metal yeah. the gear's arn't slipping or anything though
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