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  1. Hi Folks, Has anybody else had problems playing music for usb memory stick. I have tried 3 different memory sticks and all give the same error..."USB Device not recognised" :cry:
  2. Hi Folks, Has any body else had the latest ecu software update and if so does your,s sound like a massey fergusson tractor ? I got mine in august last year and since then the mpg has dropped steadily down to 39-40mpg. I went back to the dealer to point out this and other little problems I was getting from the electronic side of things. When I picked her back up they told me that the software had been upgraded and i should notice an improved mpg and the other niggles should be cured. Now when you start it , the engine sounds like it is only running on three cylinders and the initial pull away
  3. Hey Folks, Give the Mk3 a chance. I have the titanium 1.6 tdi and its a cracking car. Having had a MK1 and 2 the three is a better car altogether. Handles better,looks better,better fuel economy and the interior and toys are so much better. I bought the black and added chrome reg plate backings and wind deflectors and it looks brill. Ok i agree that its a lot of money but the technology and the looks are worth it. My only annoiance is the ambient lighting should be blue as standard and not red. (my fault didn,t read the brochure well enough.
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