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  1. A friend of mine has got a set of dials and the plastic section that they clip in to but they have lots of lugs etc around the outside. So did you fit the gauges or did someone do it for you? If you did the conversion, did you cut holes for these clips to mount it? The dash board has the indentation where all this goes, but just how? Cheers Steve.
  2. Just a quick question if I may. Did you replace the whole dashboard or just the top part only so you could fit the gauges? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Thanks for the link. I just need to find a techy who can do it for me locally. :?
  4. I want to swap my MK2 clocks for MK2.5 2008-onwards style. I know they will need to be re-programmed even though they fit and work, but the car will not start! Is there anyone in the Essex area who can do this for me as Ford dealers appear to not be able to? Thanks in advance for any help.
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