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  1. Did think that but not to sure and didn't want to break it.
  2. Christ, just booked mine in at my local Ford garage and for the gold service they want £199 plus an extra £18 for and engine flush (i think they said) but this was up to me.
  3. Does anyone have any ideas how remove the twisting knob on the passenger seat on a mk2. the knob to put the back part of the seat up and down. Reason for this is i need to change the plastic cover on the base of the seat. Cheers
  4. Mk2FocusGhia, has the squeaking come back at all?? Gonna buy some grease tomorrow but was wondering if it is worth it??
  5. I went to fords the other day as i only had one on mine and they said they don't do them seprate so had to buy a new parcel shelf.
  6. Cheers for that mate, i will give that a try and hopfully stop the squeaking.
  7. I have the same thing happing in mine, same place. Its driving me nuts!! Any ideas people??
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