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  1. nice colur , hate the wheels and graphics sorry mate!!
  2. my focus has gone into the body shop to be repaired after a lorry driver decided to reverse into causing minor body damage to the back off side and to top if of have been given a nissan micra as a courtsey vehicle until the end of next weekl any ideas on how to destroy this car would help :D
  3. go get yourself a nice set of OZ rims 18;s then lower it on eibach by 35mm
  4. car sounds amazing got the k&n 57i model £91.50 from 2mod on the forum as for the alarm its going to be the clifford 650 with int start will try and get nitrosi to put some pics up next week
  5. fitted my k&n air filter todays sound totally different now am getting a clifford alarm fitted on monday afternoon pics to follow shortly
  6. i got my tints done by terry the tint man really good job see mine and nitrosi photo shoot on forecourt to see results 80% on back and 60% on front cost £25 per window ( back quater free of charge )
  7. i agree time to change the wheels for the third time!! cheers si :D
  8. si i'm on my way around with the jack and wheel brace !!! lol :D
  9. i see one in essex ford lakeside about 2 weeks ago in blue with cream leather looked really nice :D
  10. they look at bit like the st wheels but bigger and better i will put the photos up when i am able to find out how to do it
  11. i've got a 1.6 zetec climate in sea grey with 18inch diablo wheels and dropped 30mm looks nice and am running 2 12 inch JL subs in the boot
  12. to be honest did'nt really make sence not really computer minded thanks fro the advise anyway lol wot focus do you have ?
  13. can anyone please tell me how to post pics of my foucus on the site many thanks
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