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  1. Aqua CC3 2.0 with parking sensors, Bluetooth/voice control & Lux pack (Full leather & DETAC)
  2. Seen one a few times in the dagenham / romford area during the summer. Though it didnt have those wheels on and it had the front covered up.
  3. Thats funny cos according to them they dont do UK spec' lights. I'd get yours checked or park in front of a wall or garage door. You should notice that each headlight kicks up to the left or right. They should kick up to the left but I'm betting they go to the right instead.
  4. Sent a good few weeks ago possibly a month or more regarding your headlights. Did you get them from Europeanparts.net as i ordered a set and they did not "Kick" the correct way for UK cars. If not, where did you get 'em from? Also did you have to wire the angeleyes up when fitting or was they already fitted with a plug as once again the europeanpart.net lights only had the dipped beam and main beam wired up. YUou had to sort the "halos" out yaslef. Thanks (see, I'm being' nice now)
  5. It needs dropping off a cliff. Thanks for not answering my PM. If you had done i would have been nicer to you. :D
  6. Only just noticed this post. You forgot to mention that it was pink :D
  7. so why does it not say "wheel covers" though granted it doesn't say "Alloy" either.
  8. certainly aint wheel covers/hub caps either as the first pictures has the description of "wheel covers" All the others are alloys, i can see what your getting at as the others all state "Alloy" but the Designer wheels aint gonna be steel rims looking like that. Personally i would have chose the 17" 9x2-spoke See 1st link below http://www.ford.co.uk/spg/getImage.asp?imageName=SPG_3_28_0_32917.jpg&filename=5_CMX_4052_LC_15404.jpg http://www.ford.co.uk/ie/cmax/cmax_0703_models/cmax_0703_model_style/-/-/3/31
  9. 16 inch Designer Alloy Wheels are standard on the style model http://www.ford.co.uk/ie/cmax/cmax_0703_options/cmax_0703_opt_wheels/-/-/-/726466
  10. S11nny Oh please, is that not the sillyest question ever!!!!
  11. my CC3 is on 19x9 Loder rims with 235/30/19's and also lowered on Eibach springs. No limiter or rubbing
  12. Go with the 1st ones. Just going on looks
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