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  1. Whoopps, i didn't notice my PM's :oops: Replied to you (all) :D Ade
  2. I get about 42'ish from my 2.0 TDCI as well... That said 410 miles from a petrol is not bad. The wife gets 40mpg out of our 2007 1.4 Zetec Fiesta, almost no difference from my Diesel!
  3. animal, A place called SmartWorld on Marsh Barton. They've done a 1st class job (and i'm really really picky). Speak to a guy there called Adie, Top Bloke and very helpful. Very reasonable prices and a mega fast turnaround... http://www.smartworldexeter.co.uk/
  4. Oh dear :roll: ... comes with owning a ford i guess, plenty of chav tastic addon's... shame it doesn't glow blue and flash with the music lol :D
  5. Sorry mate, think i've confused you. So far all the parts are genuine ford but the custom exhaust will be made by a local company. The price is for the exhaust with the second pipe re-routed around the tyre thingy. It's not an ST exhaust but the tailpipes will be as similar as i can get.
  6. animal, Yeah Defo mate, I'm in Exeter every day... In fact i saw a silver one today @ Marsh Barton with clear indicators and smoked tail lights... Looked nice, wasn't you was it?
  7. S11nny, Got them off ebay mate for £500, only done 80 miles on a new ST and the owner had replaced them with 20's i think :o My bargain of the year there :D
  8. 8skellerns, Thanks mate, thats exactly what i needed. I've just been down and got a quote for a custom job and they reckon £185 to create a twin exit exhaust to fit the ST rear bumper.... WoHoo! Shouldn't be too long now :)
  9. Are the 3 door models more rigid then cos so far (touch wood) mines been ok...
  10. Including the wheels (Which were brand new and the tyres still had the knobbly bits on) about £850 - £1000 so far :D All courtesey of ebay.. The spraying of the parts has cost about another £250 on top... Edit: Forgot to mention the Eibach springs - £150 from Ford, fitted them myself... :D
  11. The car is back and the hissing noise from the servo (Thats apparently normal lol) has gone. Happy days once again :) Thanks for your help and advice guy's, much appreciated :) Ade
  12. Hi guy's, I've owned fast cars since i could drive but the time has come for me to think about costs i.e fuel and tax over speed.. Hence deciding to get a Focus 3door 2.0 TDCI Titanium but to help ease me into the slow lane more gently fit the ST kit on. I've had the car almost a month now and the transformation is getting under way. It's all genuine Ford parts including the alloys. Now i have the rear bumper in the garage but i need to get either a ST rear exhaust or get one made. As i'm new to diesels will a ST one be ok? Is there any issues fitting a petrol designed exhaust to a diese
  13. Well aparently it needs to come out to get to the Servo... I thought it was under the bonnet but maybe it's different on the more modern cars! I've just got back off the phone from them and they're going to replace the master cylinder as well. No idea why, can't imagine why or how a hissing sound can come from a master cylinder and the brakes were working fine apart from that!
  14. Well the cars been in since Monday and i've just been told that it's gonna be at least a couple more days as the dashboard and air con is currently out of the car! WTF!... Is this right, do these monkeys know what they're doing, can anyone confirm that these items need to come out to replace a brake Servo?
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