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  1. and idiots like you shouldent own a car, come up with a sensible comment
  2. common sense should tell you not to thrash a car and take it easy like the book says.
  3. I had a broker ordererd ST3 gave up and found one at reg vardy walsal. I paid full list price as they would not give any discount at all.
  4. I was fed up but not with uk-car-discount it is not there fault and I am sure all brokers are in the same position with the ST
  5. after waiting 6 months I found an ST3 in Performance blue which will be with me in about 3 weeks and I have my reg number. cant wait.
  6. not to sure about the orange, but I will call and find out
  7. does anyone know of any ST's at dealers for immediate delivery
  8. I cant tell any difference in colour match looks perfect to me
  9. 12 mpg my god with petrol nearly £5 a gallon
  10. if that is a center exhaust that means the spare wheel well has to be removed or so I was informed
  11. they are but not the STI - list price for that is 28k
  12. and I have to say the ST looks fantastic in white and would look even better with stripes
  13. I will proberly wait for the ST the Subaru will be at least 24k against 17.5k for the ST and Morego are bringing out a 300bhp engine conversion soon.
  14. it does look fantastic in white and would look even better with stripes, front not good!!!!
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