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  1. Glad im not the only 1 that is this fanatical about cleaning lol. I removed mine a few months back and noticed the same so a quick clean every now and then good as new. :D
  2. i hammerited mine as a quick fix wen i first got my car last year but with all the salt an rubbish it is coming off now.
  3. Yer deffo think i be tryin to track used parts down. Thanks for the help much appreciated deffo thinkin of doin it if funds allow.
  4. Hi has anybody on here done a rear disc conversion on a focus mk2. Mine is a 57 plate 1.8 petrol and want discs all round. I need to know exactly wat i need, best way to do it etc and a rough idea of price would be helpful. Cheers Michael.
  5. I gave up in the end wen the screwdriver got lodged in my finger lol gonna hav another go wen i get a min. Cheers Michael.
  6. This is not going well lol der has already been blood shed lol wat flamin silocone do ford use on there headlights lol.
  7. Thanks i thought this would be the case but wanted to make sure. It is angel eyes i have on but the cover off a standard headlamp should fit it surely. Cheers Michael.
  8. Has anybody removed the clear plastic cover on the focus mk2 headlights. What it is is mine is quite badly scratched and i dont want to replace the whole headlight. Any help would be great cheers Michael.
  9. Take them back to the garage when i had my 57 reg 1.8 turbo diesel mine did that i took it back an they changed the headunit since got rid of the car but till i did nothing wrong wit it.
  10. Hi mate i have one fitted to my mark 2 and it comes out the bottom grill in front bumper you do have to squash a bit of the pipe to fit it through but apart from that it fits fine. To fix it at the bottom put 2 small holes in undertray and use a black cable tie to secure it.
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