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  1. Hi all,does anyone no if the front pods for the st skirts are the same for 3 or 5 door,thank you.
  2. Had new steering rack fitted today under warranty,all well.
  3. Hi can anyone tell me if i can fit 19 inch wheels to my 2007 focus which are 5 stud 110,or adapt with wobble bolts,thank you.
  4. Hi,was told once that wheel wobble @ 30-40mph is front balancing and 60-70mph is rear balancing.
  5. Hi,found out today the rack is leaking and needs to be replaced under warranty,2007 car with 2000 miles on it !
  6. Hi,looks like fords have covered most probable causes,it would be easier for them to state what they do cover under the warranty,thanks for that,cheers.
  7. Hi,can anyone advise on what is covered under warranty as far as the paintwork is concerned,my 2007 focus has recently suffered large marks down the passenger side of the car,ie:3 x windows to n/side,rear light and paint work to the roof and below the windows on the n/side doors etc,the marks have etched themselves into the windows and wont come off,and the marks on the paint work wont even T-Cut out.The marks consist of large areas like sea gull droppings causing runs.I had visited a jetwash on the day the marks appeared,but the garage manager wont accept any responsibilty,even quoteing that
  8. My steering rack has just been diagnosed as faulty/leaking,2007 model climate 2000 miles,i new i had a problem when i took a roundabout a bit lively and the steering didnt want to play ball after i had just had it lowered,i thought the lowering of the car had made something go wrong.
  9. Took 2007 focus to fords and they done the wheel alignment then checked the pipes that were supposedly leaking on the steering rack,and Found the rack itself is leaking so has to be a new rack under warranty.
  10. Got car back today from garage that fitted lowering springs,steering rack not leaking at the mo,have got it booked into fords friday for another check and wheel alignment.
  11. Hi can anyone give me some advice on my power steering rack,took it back to garage today and they are saying the steering rack has got a circulation tube that feeds in to each rubber boot both sides,as they have just lowered my car this is causing the tube to pop out of the rubber boots when the steering is turned on full lock,help ! thank you.
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