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  1. Yep, we all seem to have the dilemma of what model and what engine. The end of the day its personal choice hence the range Ford offer. I appreciate this thread is for comparison between the Ghia and Titanium, but thought I would add my couple of bobs worth. I, originally was keen on the Titanium but with the 1.6 petrol motor, finally settling for the 2.0 petrol, but in a Zetec Climate. I chose the optional extras I wanted not what Ford were choosing for me. I tried both engines, one in a Zetec and one in a Titanium. I did toy with the idea of the Ghia but didn't explore too much. For basically the same price as a 1.6 Titanium I got a 2.0 Zetec loaded with goodies. From my test drives which incidentally followed one another. The two litre engine, the more powerful brakes and driver steering adjustment sold me; it was like a different car, the feel, the balance, the whole felt safer and more confident out on the road. Apart from an original engine/ESP hiccup the car is absolutely great and do not regret the choice, one excellent piece of kit. During the problems with the car I was loaned a 1.6 Ghia for a couple of weeks, here is a link to my post in this forum on personal reflections. http://www.ffoc.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=76442
  2. I own a two month old Focus2 Zetec which recently suffered an intermittent engine / ESP failure. Whilst away being diagnosed and put to rights at the Ford dealership, I was given the use of a few months older Focus2 Ghia which I used daily for two weeks. All problems aside the Focus2 is a great motor car. I had a lot of deliberations prior to eventually choosing my car in the first place - which model, what engine, what extras and also trying to keep within the overall budget to spend. Before ordering my vehicle I road tested a 1.6 petrol Zetec and a fully loaded Titanium 2.0 petrol with full leather interior. (Being a bit of a petrol head, don’t like and didn’t want an oil burner, but understand the 2.0 turbo is a great motor) Because the specification permutations are numerous I am sure other members of the ffoc may, or have had similar head scratching and soul searching moments. This, after finally settling for the new Focus over and above other similar cars from other manufacturers. Therefore for interest to others I give a short summary of my views living with these two cars. My chosen car – 5 door Zetec climate 2.0i 145 PS petrol, plus optional ESP, electric sunroof, rear park assist and 17 inch alloys, has presently 900 miles on the clock. Panther Black colour exterior finish. Note – Sports seats and suspension fitted as standard. Loan car – 5 door Ghia 1.6i VCT 115 PS petrol, plus optional cruise control with 4500 miles on clock. Tonic colour exterior finish. Both cars have ebony cloth interiors. My comments and views are to the interior and the driving of the two vehicles in question only, not other combinations of specification, internal colours and trim. Although the exterior colours are very different metallic shades on the two cars, being a very personal choice, this is ignored in my views. This view is a little unfair as I am not exactly comparing like for like as the 2.0 engine has a number of enhanced benefits and additions over and above the 1.6 engine. For instant, different design of engines completely, discs all round and a different power steering system complete with driver adjustment on the 2.0 engine. My views on the different engines and steering may lead to the same conclusions on engine choice as myself. Here goes, my two pennies worth. Interior and comfort – The Ghia in ebony strikes me as being extremely dark, lacklustre and unwelcoming when entering, the seats and door panels are finished in black, this combined with the plastic wood consul and velour seats it gives the distinct impression of a gentlemen’s club. The Ghia loan car was fitted with the smokers pack and wouldn’t be at all surprised if it came with pipe and slippers to add to the dull aspect. The Zetec in comparison has a much livelier and brighter ebony interior finished with a dark royal blue fleck that literally sparkles in the direct sunlight. This applied to both the seats and door trims combined with the polished alloy consol makes one feel quite refreshed and being alive straight away. It begins to make one smile straight away and you haven’t started the engine yet. The Ghia is fitted with standard shape seats, although comfortable and far better that other cars I have travelled in, do not give much lateral support, the velour facing tends to makes you slip around in the seat very slightly, but not over greatly. The Zetec is fitted with sports seats as standard and are extremely comfortable and give an excellent lateral support without being overbearing like say the sports seats supplied in a VW Golf that have more pronounced and more solid side lips and are more semi bucket seats where the sides can dig into your (well certainly mine) body. The side lips are fairly soft to touch but firm at the same time, if that any makes sense. They are not as soft as the sports seats fitted to a BMW Mini for example. The fabric in the Zetec looks very hard wearing and is a fairly coarse material which tends to hold you in place on its own a lot more than the velour in the Ghia. Wasn’t too fussed with the box in the top dash on the Ghia, wouldn’t like to say how long the plastic closing lid and spring mechanism will last, it didn’t strike me as being all that strong or substantial. Although a bonus, this feature is not missed in the Zetec. Didn’t feel the Zetec had missed out any on all the other toys and gizmos fitted as standard to the Ghia, but was finding I kept lowering the electric rear window on the Ghia by mistake. The switches are too close together. Boy, did I miss not having the optional sunroof in the Ghia. What is missing from both cars, is somewhere to put your damn CD’s As for the “flick-knife” ignition key supplied with the Ghia, no thank you very much, could not be having with it. The rest of your keys hanging on this type of half metal half plastic reduced profile on a swivel pin, I’m sure will not last very long. Give me a good old fashioned key any day. Driving – The 1.6 engine in the Ghia is good, very lively and seems perfectly adequate for every day motoring. Of course it does lack power on inclines and shall require continual use of low gears on hills. Being a heavy car it lacks the urge to pick up speed in second gear if say you haven’t quite stopped say at traffic lights. In these circumstances the car is quite sluggish. The driving trick is to keep the engine spinning loads. It wants, and requires plenty of revs. By contrast the 2.0 engine in my Zetec appears to have loads of torque and plenty of speed for overtaking, top line speed etc. etc. 26% more power and it shows. By far more smoother to drive. Both engines are extremely quiet, so much so stationary in traffic you have to check the engine hasn’t stalled when passengers say they cannot hear the engine. The handling on the 1.6 Ghia left a lot to be desired, a decent bit of body-roll at bends and power steering so light and vague that created loads of understeer when cornering, especially when trying to flick through a roundabout for instance. Shades of a life on the ocean wave come to mind. The straight line comfort on the Ghia was excellent and felt you could travel up and down motorways all day without getting tired. The 2.0 Zetec on the other hand is a little bumpier on non-motorway type roads, but not uncomfortably so, it feels more direct. A mix of the sports suspension and 17 inch low profile wheels / tyres leads to this, but by far outweighed by the positive steering and next to no body roll. A real pleasure to drive and can feel through the wheel that the driver is in full control and nothing unusual is going to happen when taking corners or bends, personally I keep the power steering on sport mode constantly. A far superior power steering system with the 2.0 engine than on the 1.6 engine that apparently, has the hydraulic power steering system carried over from the old model. With regards to braking between the two vehicles. The 2.0 Zetec with discs all round plus ESP and the 1.6 Ghia with drums at the rear. The brakes on my Zetec have always had a problem and not worked correctly until the dealer sorted the car out recently. The brakes in the Ghia actually seemed by far superior and more effective. But since the Zetec has been returned fully sorted the brakes are now second to none and difference is so much noticeable, one reason that swayed me to get discs all round in the first place when test driving. Engine-wise for either purposes the 2.0 litre must be the choice. Ok, only drove the 1.6 litre for a couple of weeks but no remarkable difference in overall mpg (around 28/30 around town the computer told me. This no difference in mpg must be partly due to constantly keeping the 1.6 engine spinning. Yes the Zetec is by Ford’s account, a more sporty model, but was never appreciated by myself by how much different this was, difficult to believe it was the same car. The Ghia of course is designated more conservative and supposedly luxurious. One wonders what is the point of the Focus2 Sport that Ford intends to bring out sooner or later. Overall, for a company rep. to power up and down the motorways all day the Ghia is the best bet. But if your want a car to drive, put a smile on your face, have fun and enjoy (when you are not stuck in traffic jams that is) the Zetec is by far the better choice in my humble opinion. As for engine, I would highly recommend the 2.0 litre petrol over the 1.6 litre. Personally, I know the correct choice of car and specification has been made. I finally decided to save pushing up the final price by opting for the Zetec with the additions I wanted not what was dictated by choosing a higher priced Ghia or Titanium. Just my personal choice. Did I say a short summary at the outset, silly me. Interesting to hear other readers views or comments on any of the points above. http://tinypic.com/view.html?pic=5z40hi
  3. Kevin Hi Phone no. 0845 841 1111 - Maxine Parsons is the name I dealt with. This office is in Glasgow Its the same number as in the Welcome to Ford Pack - Customer Relationship Centre Hope you get a good result. Tell them you are having to fork out for an independent inspection and fully expect to be refunded at the end of the day. They seemed quite concerned in my case and actually contacted the dealer direct to get the full story and gee them up at bit. Although I am sure Ford themselves were fully involved in analysing the fault codes my car was throwing up. Good luck.
  4. Hooray, halleluiah, strike up the band, put out the flags, chuck off the hamsters and get the open top bus out, the car is back home. One happy bunny. The car has been returned gleaming and sparkling, including the tyres!!!! The resolution. Intermittent Engine / ESP failure. The apparent remedy – Replace accelerator / throttle body housing and replace the PCM module, whatever these items may be, but has something to do with the computer software on the vehicle. So far no cut-outs and the brakes are now working better than ever, no more pumping the pedal. Sun-roof has been repaired and rear tailgate now closes first time. It is so good to have the car back after the 1.6 Ghia loaner, and fully appreciate how much better my 2.0 Zetec is. I’ll give my personal opinion between the two cars in a separate post later. Many thanks to Dagenham Motors at Epsom on both the East Street and Kiln Lane sites for all their efforts and also to the Ford Motor Company customer relations office in Glasgow for there input and their kind offer of compensation for the inconvenience I endured, an excellent and unexpected gesture on their behalf. I fully appreciate the problems in diagnosing intermittent faults what with all the electronics vehicles have on them today. As a by-the-way that shall no doubt assist all us new Focus owners. Ford themselves have promised to look into why the RAC recovery vehicles apparently have not been fully updated with software to plug in and recognise the full range of the new Focus2 cars and get this rectified. Thanks to all ffoc postees for your encouragement and commiserations in my short story of woe.
  5. And still it continues. Yesterday was told the new “accelerator module housing” arrived at the service department but was found to be “broken” therefore back re-ordered and another will arrive in about 10 days time. In addition the Ford dealership requests their Ghia demonstrator loan car back and I be given a hire car instead. No mention yet of what vehicle or specification. I think I shall be holding out with this loan car as ransom. Why should I be the only one suffering inconvenience in all this? Today, now a week in dock, was duly informed a part had been suddenly sourced and shall be fitted today and can pick the car up later on. Hooray, but a phone call later spoilt the party; the car out on a test run after being fully valeted, broke down and had to be recovered once again. The story – A new part was not fitted, the dealer admitted they swapped the so called part from a company demonstrator but would fit a brand new part before handing over to me. (Excuse me, but didn’t it take 10 days to obtain one!!!!!). Apparently, I was told, 95% of the original fault codes had cleared but had thrown up a whole lot more. They have now got to get these codes analysed and establish now what is wrong. The service department are now admitting this may be a Ford problem with the Focus2 that has the ESP package fitted as an optional extra and shall investigate further as they now have two cars in dock with the self same problem. I suppose I shall see my car when I see it. Love to hear from the other fella on his story, but this is just one dealership branch, how widespread is this fault.
  6. Update on Saga. Driving car to dealer that afternoon, engine cut-out once again, in the outside lane of dual-carriageway. Inside lane full of traffic giving no chance to coast into the inside, therefore stopped in outside lane in the rush hour. Quite a lot of happy drivers faces were spotted as I duly waited in safety off the reservation on opposite side of the road. Saw a few BMW 1 series motors go by whilst waiting, not a bad looking car, has started me thinking what should have been. This is being to get seriously dangerous. RAC / Ford recovery called, had to wait 95 minutes for a tow, again had no diagnostic software for a two litre Focus2. Car arrived at dealer’s showroom and turned on ignition, for no apparent logical reason, low and behold all was fine again and engine fired. A sales person suggested that they themselves drove the car round to their service centre down the road for yet another check-up. They got halfway out of the showroom into the main road and car cut out again, stopping both sets of traffic. Quite a good advert for Ford, having a brand new Ford car being pushed across the road by a gaggle of sales people, right outside their showroom. Anyway later on that day a phone call from service stated car should be ready that evening, the mechanic was just taking the car for a test drive and he would explain the problem when he returned. Well after an hour waiting for his return I was informed that the car had broken down again and a recovery vehicle summoned to retrieve the car. Upon its return the service centre found 7 (seven) code faults on their diagnostic computer and were in the process of getting them analysed. Anyway no car and no vehicle for the BH weekend. I was loaned a Focus2 Ghia, so at least I had wheels. Phone call after the weekend. Apparently a new part was required, “accelerator module housing” I was informed and unfortunately had to be back ordered, but hopeful by the next day. Since found out they have another Focus2 in dock for the past 2 weeks with the same problem awaiting the same part, also was informed a C-Max was also in for the same. Don’t know the specifications of either. What the hell is going on? This Ghia is not going back until I get my shiny new car back. Just a little disappointed all round, but am sure the dealer is trying his hardest to get it sorted. Have been informed that Ford themselves, get involved if the car goes into dock for the same problem 3 times. Well we are at 2 times and counting. Anyone else have this or similar problems.
  7. Well here goes, the saga continues, this weeks problem with my shiny new Focus. Wednesday – Gentle braking for a bend in the road the engine cuts out. Clutch in, wrestle with the steering (no power steering when engine off) and coast into the roadside. Turn ignition off and on and engine fires up and continue journey with no other problems, saying to myself we’ll see how it goes. Thursday – No brakes entered the equation this time. Accelerating away from a speed camera which I had previously slowed down for, (as you do) a ping from the audible alert and all dash lights were on once again. Engine cut out - once again clutch in and coast to a stop. Computer told me “Engine System Fault”. This time the bloke behind was not best pleased and gave me a cheery two fingered salute as he rounded me, as if it’s all my fault that Ford have given me a duffer. Again the car fired up again. And continued normally with no further problems. Just spoken to a Ford main dealer who told me to get it towed or transported in. The RAC / Ford breakdown service tell me if I haven’t broken down and car is going, nothing they can do. Nice one. It’s getting a bit hairy and dangerous now. Going to drive the car to main dealer in the morning and hope for the best. Don’t think I crossed my fingers hard enough from last time when they found nothing wrong. Now getting worried for myself or wife, who also uses the car, getting stranded somewhere or someone going into the back when the engine cuts out. Who do I blame – myself at present for buying a Ford.
  8. Update on my ESP failure. The main Ford dealership apparently plugged in their diagnostic kit and got the car singing once again. They took it for a number of test drives and could find nothing wrong with the braking system. Great, now I am left wondering when and where or if the braking and engine management system fails again. Latest fault is that part of the sun roof fell on my head whilst driving just after watching Palace being relegated at the Valley. Not a good day. Apparently only a metal and plastic cosmetic trim about 400mm long, but is chewed up and requires a replacement. Would very much doubt if that is a stock item at the dealers. Other than these “teething” problems the car is absolutely great and is real fun and enjoyment to drive. I keep the car on sports mode constantly and handles beautifully combined with the sports suspension. My early morning trip to Thruxton race circuit recently was one of the best rides ever. The engine has now loosened up after a few hundred miles and quite simply the car now flies and is difficult to believe the extra power and torque over and above my old two litre Mondeo. Keeping fingers crossed.
  9. Car is now 2 weeks old, just over 500 miles on clock. Driving to work this morning minding my own business as usual. Braking for a roundabout at the end of a dual carriageway, all the dash lights came on and immediately lost all power. Foot on clutch and coasted into a side road. Thinking just engine stalled, tried to re-start – nothing, dead as the good old Dodo. Computer told me engine failure followed by the immortal words ESP failure. RAC duly summoned, plugged in his diagnostic lap top, low and behold his computer did not recognize the latest 2.0 litre petrol engine in my Zetec. Great, then suffered the humiliation of being towed to the nearest Ford main dealer and dumped outside on the public footpath as the dealer had not opened up yet. Waited around for dealer to open up, immediately told to move my car as it was half blocking the main road and the entrance even suggested I called the RAC back to move it into their premises. Next was told that as I had not booked the car in previous my car would not be looked at until all today’s booked in service cars had been dealt with. Had no option but to except what I was told and strolled up the road to the nearest bus stop. God knows when I shall hear from them. By the way this is a branch of the main dealer I purchased the car from. Three years ago my wife purchased a new BMW Mini. When the power steering pump failed one day. The BMW service vehicle turned up within half an hour, run her to work and dealt themselves with collecting the car, taking it to a mini dealership and within two hours delivering a free courtesy car to her place of work. My own fault for buying Ford, but look on the bright side at least it’s not a Rover/MG.
  10. Finally arrived as per the day of original estimated TDD. Assembled Valencia 17 March, left Valencia docks 24 March, arrived Southampton 30 March, arrived dealer 14 April. 5 door Zetec Climate 2.0 145bhp petrol manual. Panther Black. Rack Ebony, ESP+TRC+EBA, Park Assist, Power Sunroof, 17 inch 5 spoke alloys. http://tinypic.com/4ixvk4 http://tinypic.com/4iy55g http://tinypic.com/4iy5bc http://tinypic.com/4iy5fm http://tinypic.com/4iy5hg http://tinypic.com/4iy5ig http://tinypic.com/4iy5ja http://tinypic.com/4iy5n6 http://tinypic.com/4iy5o0 http://tinypic.com/4iy5oo
  11. My two pennies worth. I tried both a 1.6 Ti-VCT 115PS Zetec and a 2.0i 145PS Titanium together. Before the test I was after a 1.6 Titanium. After trying both, the 2.0 was in a different league, smoother, far more torque and the braking with the discs all round and this without ESP was of no comparison, it was like a vehicle from a different car manufacturer. Thought about it long and hard. Present car being a 2.0i Mondeo LX. Do I really need all the extra gimmicks in the Titanium, and I’m not going to use the toys in the back. So finally decided on a 2.0i 145PS Zetec Climate plus ESP. Ok I’ve lost the half leather and colour coded inserts, but being panther black, it’s not an issue. For basically the same price have gained a far superior engine, ok a bit more thirsty, but far more guts, sports suspension (extra on Titanium), discs all round, the driver adjustable steering and handling system, sports seats, in what I think is a better design and colour material than on Titanium, plus as a bonus I have the added the excellent ESP. Should be handed over to me this week.
  12. Just heard this afternoon the car has arrived at Southampton docks. Just a matter of days now, got the registration number, now for insurance to get the thing registered. Ordered on the 18 Feb 2005 a 5 door Zetec Climate 2.0 145bhp petrol manual. Panther Black. Rack Ebony, ESP+TRC+EBA, Park Assist, Power Sunroof, 17 inch 5 spoke alloys. Est. Production date 14 March - Valencia, TDD w/e 16.04.2005.
  13. James, Since re-looking at the Focus brochure I have edited this post. What is not clear in the blurb on the EHPAS in the brochure is the facility for driver mode adjustment, which is a great bonus as I have been told previously this adjustable feature would only be available on Sport and ST models later this year. Therfore, my 2.0 petrol Zetec on order should be fitted with this facility, by all accounts so far from other posts, sounds OK.
  14. DDD, you are just a whipper-snapper in comparision to me. I tried a couple of Focus2's (1.6 Zetec, 2.0 Titanium. I was hooked. Why pay silly money on the Swede's and BMW's when this car is obviously a class act. Early days to know how depreciation shall pan out. Ordered a 5 door Zetec Climate 2.0 145bhp petrol manual. Panther Black. Rack Ebony, ESP+TRC+EBA, Park Assist, Power Sunroof, 17 inch 5 spoke alloys. Est. Production date 14 March - Valencia, TDD w/e 16.04.2005. Can't wait. Age - sharp intake of breath, 57.
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