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  1. washed mine today using megs gold class shampoo,new lambswool mitt and then toweled off with a megs water magnet,have to say it looks superb,really pleased with the finish.
  2. they look great craig and i will be ordering some thanks for the pics too
  3. on ukg2 this week sky channel 111. its the series featuring the st focus test driven by clarkson,so mim not sure which day it wil be on but sometime in the next 7 days
  4. its a great colour in my opinion,thers a nice tint to it as you walk around the car,my wife borrowed it to go to work one week and i couldnt have it back!!! so i ordered an st to replace it :twisted:
  5. heres my wifes jeans blue focus http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v677/ ... C00547.jpg
  6. ive just seen some,should of looked,sorry
  7. does anyone have a good clear pic showing the sea grey st,also ,maybe thesilver st?? cant decide on a colour
  8. hello,been away for ages,i have some problems with the car!! 2.0ltr titanium tdci when using clutch control say in heavy traffic the car stinks inside like dead animals!!!thats the best way to describe the smell!! also it snowed a few weeks ago and i slid around a corner and hit a kurb,i took it to the dealer and he had a look and said drive on nowt wrong,now everytime i turn to the left i can hear a rubbing noise,what do you guys think ive damaged?
  9. well they managed to find the water leak,it was near to the bumper area,which sent water into the boot under the covers and down into the footwells,they dried it up as much as they could but it is constantly steaming up in the car now1 how can i stop this as for the engine they said to bring it back in a few weeks
  10. im really upset with the new focus,its in the dealers today but they are so incompetent that i dread going there with it,the lumpy idle is beyond at 1100 revs,loads of shake and really embarresing if youve got people with you and its a 20k new car!!! also i checked my boot this morning and it was soaking,lifted the mat and puddles of water were underneath,im getting more and more upset with ford by the day. can i cancel my payments and just leave the car and keys at the dealers and walk away,if i could now i would.
  11. i mentioned this problem a while back,i too have the cabin shake,its really bad,never had the problem in my old tdci,i too went to the dealer and they ran it throught the computer diagnostic thingy and he said no faults but agreed it was not right and bring it back if it gets worse.
  12. mines the titanium 2ltr tdci ive had it for a while now,and i have a swiming pool in the rear passenger footwell!!!! ford are going to"have a look"
  13. heres mine,not noticed the colour change before [/img]
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