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  1. On a similar theme, has anyone experienced a fairly sudden deterioration in the MW radio reception of their C-Max (mine's a 2.0 TDCi)? I'm now now getting engine-speed related interference on MW, although FM seems to be unaffected. In this case the problem is NOT related to any (obvious) damage to the aerial. I suspect the problem may be due to a weak aerial signal, possibly because the the aerial is being earthed to the car body in some way? Alternatively, I understand malfunctioning alternators can cause similar problems. If the problem sounds familiar, any thoughts/ideas appreciated
  2. Have recently experienced a problem with the reversing lights on my 2003 2.0 TDci, which are not illuminating when reverse is selected. Fuse is ok (No 84 in central fuse box), as are the bulbs, so my suspicion is a) the switch in the gearbox is faulty, or b)something is amiss in the wiring loom. Has anyone had a similar experience, and can tell me how the problem was was resolved? (I've just had a thought - I only checked the bulb on one side, but I assume they're not connected in series!) Thanks in advance, Addo
  3. Matt, You might want to check that the engine cover is properly secured - I had a similar resonance problem with my 2ltr TDCi which was caused by a damaged "socket" in the underside of the cover, allowing the cover to vibrate at a certain engine speed. Regards Addo
  4. I believe the switch is not standard and has to be fitted by a Ford dealer if required.
  5. Has anyone experienced failure of the the A/C system on their C Max (fairly abruptly on my my 53 reg car) and had it fixed under warranty? I expect the dealer will say it is not covered by the extended warranty. Thanks for any feedback
  6. Thanks for all the responses - the change does improve with engine temperature, but it's never great. Maybe I should move to the balmy south or get a longer commute! Cheers
  7. My 53 - plate 2 litre TDCi (purchased 2nd hand from Ford Direct with 3K miles) has has suffered from a baulky 1st to 2nd gear change from a relatively low mileage (around 5K miles), to the extent where you have to either be deliberately slow or use more force than normal to make the change. I assume this is due to prematurely worn synchromesh on 2nd gear. The problem has been reported to the local Ford dealer, but there is (unsurprisingly) no enthusiam to do anything useful about it (linkages "checked" etc) and I haven't had the energy to chase them as I can live with the problem. Howev
  8. I have a 6000 CD player in my C Max which has stopped accepting or ejecting CDs (the radio still works fine). I wondered if anyone else had experienced a similar problem, and if so how was it resolved and at what cost. I wondered if the CD might have a separate fuse protecting the motors, but it seems unlikely. Any comments appreciated... Addo
  9. I spoke to the Customer Relations people today, there is a new TSB 5/2005 - relating to the "squealing rear brakes in reverse " problem - new pads can now be fitted under warranty to resolve the problem. 8) Regards Adam
  10. I had a buzzing sort of sound at the clutch biting point at sometimes at idle. It turns out one of the mounting "sockets" on the underside of the engine cover was cracked, causing the cover to vibrate against the engine. I though it was an exhaust-induced noise initially, so perhaps you have the same problem. Worth removing the cover (with care) to have a look, unless you are sure the source of the noise is from the exhaust. I am waiting to get the new cover - it had better be the cause or the dealer is in trouble! Cheers,
  11. I experienced exactly the same problems (3 times) which you describe (I have a 2 litre TDCi Zetec), no servo assistance with a cold engine when brakes first applied. Eventually managed to convince the garage to do something, which was to fit a new vacuum pump under warranty. No problems since, but as it was an intermittent fault one always wonders whether they found the root cause.... Any other experiences like this I wonder?
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