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  1. I'm thinking of ordering my next ST2 in white with the optional blue side stripes, I certainly like the ones that say ST but I think I've also seen some that say Ford. I think the ST ones might just be that bit better though. One thing that did pop into my head is how cool a ST look with the graduated blue stripes of a series one RS turbo down the side would look. Any photo shop whizzes out there?
  2. My blue ST2 3dr shall be leaving me in December. I imagine I'll probably put it up for around the 17k mark or so at that time. I am how ever gonna swap for another ST2, probably white or red just for a change. The only reason I'm gonna change is to get a fresh one, awesome cars :D
  3. Invest in some dynomat and line the boot floor, this will cut down on a load of noise and it's the easiest fix. One possible cause of the noise could be down to the car running a hard compound of hard wearing tyres. I don't know if they differ on the LXs compared to other models??? I've never found this to be a massive problem and I now drive a ST.
  4. Will reply to both when I get to work at 11. Will also try and gather rough delivery times to give you both better ideas. Cheers, Simon.
  5. Now strictly speaking this is not a post selling cars, especially as these cars haven't even been built yet, but what I have access to is my garages list of pipeline stock that will be built in the next two or three months. No build dates are on my documents but order numbers have been generated, I think these may also be amendable for spec changes like DEATC etc. If there is interest I can post up the details of these 20 or so cars. If it will be deleted by mods I obviously won't bother, I'm not too sure on the rules regarding advertising although this is more in line with trying to do some
  6. "Sales droid" and "sales dept is staffed by F**kwits as well" were the bits that * * * * me off about your post actually. Thankyou to RS and SteveTDCi for having an open mind to salesman. Quite a few post on here have got my goat recently and I just had to say something. I do take it personally because I take great pride in what I do, I love cars in general and I go above and beyond what I actually have to do each and every day and get no thanks. Infact a customer said I made him feel like a VIP the other day and I thought that was fantastic to hear. Obviously people like to vent, problems
  7. I quite fancy the idea of either a large capacity TDCI enging with a CVT, but with a flappy paddle control feature for the box. The CVT could have 6/7 gears as pre-sets that you could whizz through. It would take the pain out of frequent manual changing of a TDCI, or for cruising, a full auto mode. Interesting thought, but I suspect very expensive for a ST. I guess it would be in the £20,000 plus barrier which I fear is alot, even for a Focus.
  8. That or he didn't want to waste his time showing a car to somebody thats already ordered one through a leasing company. He's right about the timescale though, lead times are proving impossible to predict. If you detest salesmen so much why don't you ******* off and not bother going into showrooms in the first place? Seems people love us when we do you a good deal or answer questions but when things don't go your way they winge like hell, more often than not about things out of the salesmans control, like supply of cars. I would say most sales people are coming up with their own conclusions
  9. Wizzed in some white bulbs for now. Really lifts the interior when you get in. Blue could be next :D
  10. There are no down sides in going for the 115. More power, better fuel ecconomy, same ins group and it's quicker. Combine this with the fact it's only £300 dearer and I'd say it's a no brainer. Also with the current sales on, I'd go for a Sport over a LX. It will be worth slightly more in the future and be easier to sell. 5 door Sports in met paint and with the 115 engine should be under 12k this month.
  11. Well said 182. Sometimes you prefer an answer and some opinion to your questions. Mmm, coloured LEDs in blue for my blue ST. That could work. Anybody recomend a good supplier? Cheers all.
  12. As I'm getting my ST2 this week, I thought I'd get some bulbs for the holders that are installed in the footwells, but just not fitted with bulbs (I'm sure I read they are there as I haven't had a good look yet). Does anybody know the bulb type or part number for these? Also, while I'm at it, does anybody know of a good ice white bulb to put in the front fogs so they don't clash with the xenons? Cheers chaps :)
  13. Looking good, better than the grey edged crap ford sells as ST mats! May check my funds and order some for my ST2. PS, if you think these are expensive, have you seen the price of the aftermarket mud flaps that are on a ST on here somewhere? Crikey! I know people put them together in small numbers, but dam! Saying that, all specialist things tend to cost a bomb. Rambling again, must be time for the pub lol :D
  14. :D Right, I have a source for ST2 3 doors that are available for me to transfer in right now! They are standard cars in Red, Grey, Black, Blue and silver. These cars are only about a week or two away once I start the paper work so if anybody is fed up of waiting or indeed put off by the waiting lists, please call me on 01625 257777. I'm based at Polar Ford in Wilmslow cheshire am I am a Ford owned main dealer. I've just grabbed a Blue ST2 today for myself, oh yes! Be quick, we've sold two today alone after making the find of these cars in stock!!!! Seeya, SImon.
  15. Just thought exactly the same. It's a bonus.
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