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  1. Wow... I have the following: Saarlouis Plant Built Security Lock Group #6 Convenience Group No.3 Marketing Level 1 With Auto Closing Windows Power Front Windows One Touch Up/Do With Fixed Rear Side Window With Privacy Glass With Heated Windscreen With Cooled Glove Box With Short Floor Console Int Env Colour - Medium Dark Flint Interior Feature Colour - Ebony Front Floor Carpet Mats With Load Floor Carpet With Rear Spoiler With Electrochromic R/View Mirror Dual Power Htd Signal Mirrors With Rear Center Head Restraint With Drivers Manual Lumbar Support With Driver 4 Way Mn
  2. sports setting?!? where is this?!? why can Ford not make models simpler... Grrrr
  3. Cool, that means I have the sports pack as well... nice one. Remapping is happening next Weds... what were you improvements?!
  4. look in the link I posted - they are the same.. CLICK HERE
  5. do I assume that they do not do a flat blade for the rear of a mk 2 Focus?! they all seem to be for mk 1 only.
  6. You'll do well changing all the 501 bulbs for LED... that'll take long enough :lol: and still not got a festoon for the front! I can recommend AMDessex for custom mapping - mine's going in next Weds, had a previous car done there too.
  7. halfway down this page... the whole thread maybe of interest!
  8. The bumper is a different shade because it's plastic and the car is metal so paint is slightly different, some colours it's easy to hide e.g black/White, my blue car you can notice it just. I suspected it maybe, just this looks real different.
  9. My car is not lowered as far as I am aware... bought it in June, it's a Titanium so not sure if they have different suspension to standard?! Happy to help. All the Cmax, Mondeo & Focus 5 studs wheels fit the mk2 Focus so plenty of OEM choice.
  10. ^^^ why does the front bumper look a different shade of silver?
  11. I didn't but just took some... ... nice morning out!
  12. I really like mine... CMax 18's I believe but they came with the car :lol: I have been eyeing up these also... I've just bought these for my winter wheel...
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