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  1. Well heres my new love: Mods done: Parking sensors, heating controls, gel overlay front rear and steering wheel, boot 12v mod, Kenwood double din headunit, carbon wrapped console. Still to come: Lowering springs, zetec s skirts all round, HID's, DRL's
  2. lol how can a thread thats not duplicating be duplicating? bring on the Zetec S's I say! :lol:
  3. They look tidy mate - any pics of them fitted?
  4. im in Pembrokeshire mate - South-west Wales
  5. Did you fit them yourselves or have the garage do them? Any idea what it costs to have a garage fit the new springs?
  6. Ive got a mk 2.5 1.8 zetec and I have the steering settings, they dont reset when I turn the engine off.
  7. Ive just fitted parking sensors to my 2.5 - bought the x-vision sensors (purely because thats what Ford fits) on ebay for the bargain price of £50 - fitting was as simple as could be mate - bumper came off easily - the hole locations are marked but are bigger than the hole you need - I took a bit of time making sure I had the centre exactly marked, drilled small pilot holes inside to out and then drilled the 19mm holes from outside to in - wiring was the quickest part, easily hooked up and the space behind the passenger side rear boot trim was ample for fitting control box and buzzer.
  8. Interested in this too - pics and experience would be great?
  9. Read the guide and posted in ask Tezza but still no idea where to actually get the chrome surround from - the grille insert is on FPUK but not the chrome surround! :shock:
  10. I really want the lower grille surround as per the Titanium and the chrome boot strip but can't seem to find them anywhere on google. Surely there's an online shop that sells these bits new?
  11. Hi picking up my 2011 1.8 zetec tomorrow and am keen to make a few mods. Has anyone fitted these? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FOCUS-5- ... 2317397ded they look the part but the surrounds have the potential to look quite cheap!
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