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  1. Found Conti's absolutely dire... Didnt last, didnt like standing water unless they were new, hated white lines. Try Goodyear NCT for day to day, discounted to hell as they are discontinuing.... Falken for real budget or Toyo for budget stickies....
  2. Have a 55 1.8 TDCI with the same resonance at around 2500K... It is not my ears, definately not wind related (as it happens in each gear)..... Reported to Ford at recent first service. When i picked the car up the mechanic had put a note on the paperwork NFF! I asked what NFF stood for, and was told NO FAST FIX. :shock: And they call it a SERVICE! Will return soon and expect a similar replacement vehicle....
  3. I've a 1.8 TDCI Ghia, and am still pleasantly happy (after 9 months, still glad i opted for the C-Max).... Its generally a different class to the Picasso etc, and a great drive to boot..... Think of the saving in the running costs if you opt for the diesel.....??? Should be more than enough to pay your insurance for the year!!! ATB :P
  4. Have noticed some minor 'squeeling' from time to time on my 55 1.8 (8K) Ghia......but at very low speeds....i put it down to a bit of muck in their..........
  5. thanks for the vote of confidence people...... ya never quite know whats going to happen, but thanks anyway....The Mrs is going spare with worry...... I know that fuel additives are generally frowned upon, but "fuel pump as the diesel lubricates it".......?????? Worthy a dose of something????? Thanks all (again)
  6. Hi all.... My 'good lady wife' managed to fill (from empty) our 1.8 TDCI with unleaded yesterday.....Remarkably she managed to drive about 2 miles before the computer started telling her about problems. She switched the car off fortunately rather that continue driving..... RAC called, and after the usual sniff of the tank, dragged the car to a local garage. They drained fuel, ran some diesel through pipes then basically fired it up....... Now....looking around the net about 'petrol in modern diesel cars', they all seem to say that the results are horrific.....Focus TDCI through Ford char
  7. thanks for the help chaps... can't fit a swan or detatchable as use an 'anti-sway' bar.... concluded to stick with a witter & have fitted... thanks for the replies.
  8. 55 1.8TDCI....35mpg average driving...45mpg with my right foot more limp than 'the only gay in the village'.....I've checked whether this is 'real' or computer figures.....Computer checks out... This is dire, i've just sold a 2001 Mondeo Ghia estate with 150K and a 2.0L Duratec petrol....it was as economical than this!!! :evil:
  9. Hi all... I've a 2005 1.8TCDI Ghia that i'm looking to put a towbar on. Has anyone come across a towbar for a C-max that does not involve a bumper cut. :? The car is a motability vehicle, hence my concern (must be returned A1) I guess the Ford bar probably doesnt require a cut, but i am loathed to pay their price. :shock: Thanks David
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