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  1. This is the hardest part everything else is chosen exept the fuel. Can people let me know what the 1.8 or 2.0 diesel is like please. Seen the performance figures and there's loads more torque, but is it worth driving a tank???
  2. Thanks, well i bought some l.e.d light strips off ebay and stuck the in the right places. Then i just fed the wire's thru all the trim into the footwell lights that were already there, 30mins from start to finish
  3. Well, i was fed up of getting out my car and stepping into the unknown on the floor, usually mud or a puddle so i fitted these. Plus i thought while i was at it why not match the footwell lights to be the same http://s139.photobucket.com/albums/q316/jam9575/
  4. Hey i've got chrome fog surrounds for my car. I got them from ebay for about £25 or so. I can't remember were abouts though sorry. http://s139.photobucket.com/albums/q316/jam9575/ Here's a link with some photo's though.
  5. yea there's always that just wondered if anybody on here wanted to upgrade from a lx interior or something like that
  6. does anybody know where to get rid of a 2006 zetec climate 3dr interior, as i got st leathers instead thanks
  7. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/REAR-DOOR-CHROME- ... dZViewItem i think is your anwser
  8. Cheers, no i haven't managed to get the switches for the heated seats yet but as soon as i do the bad wheather will probably clear up, typical. The chrome foglight surrounds i found on ebay for about £25 and they just overlap the old plastic. About the exterior, can't get insured if i do anything else to my car, which is a bummer, only want full colour coding, ST220 wheels and a ST spoiler
  9. Some pics of my zetec climate with new interior http://s139.photobucket.com/albums/q316/jam9575/ Let me know what you think
  10. So will the mondeo st220 wheels fit straight on or will i need a limiter
  11. wind down the window, n push the trim against the door with ur arm thru the window pushing the other way to clip in the plugs
  12. yeah just fitted new leather door cards from an ST3. Wrap a thin cloth over a flat head screwdriver so not to scrath paintwork, then slide in between plastic door card and metal door near the bottom. there are about 12 plugs that are holding the panel on lever thes out with screwdriver. just underneath the window switchs is a removable panel, use cloth and screwdriver to lever out, then undo 7mm bolts
  13. Hi, just subscribed to FFOC, just fitted some ST3 Leather Recaro seats to my Zetec Climate Ti-VCT. These seats are the nuts. Also got the black roof lining and black plastic trim fitted. It makes the car feel much more sporty than when it was standard. The only problem is that i've now got my old seats taking up room in my garage does anyone know where i could sell them??? http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q316 ... C01109.jpg
  14. So basically it's not really worth the expense and hassle for a smaller engined car then?
  15. I've heard of people getting there eninge Blurprinted but i don't know what this means.....anyone??? the rear pillar is massive
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