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  1. You'll need a phillips screwdriver and about 2 mins time on each side.
  2. Now we are going to have some tacky english, but try to understand :-) Though there's a change of some hidden secrets, I just can't believe it. As the car is made by order, it has a few extras like Mp3, Deatc and the pedals. It's also a 3 door that seems to be minority choice and the colour ain't that common either. So it would be one in a million case if they had exactly that spec car lying around waiting for someone to want one :-) Of course the options could've been installed afterwards, but still.. And about any accidents in delivery.. The car came around the estimated delivery date and I was kept informed about the delivery status (out of factory, shipped, arrived in Finland and so on) and there was nothing strange about any of that. This all makes me think the robot just had a hangover or something. One guy at dealer (I know about all of them as we kinda 'work together') has a Foc Mk1 STW that hasn't any paint underneath the doors, just primer :-) Tomorrow I'm gonna go show this to them and see if they have anything for me. If a new paint job is all they can/will offer, I won't be taking it as it really doesn't show if you don't look directly and I don't want to have another kind of paint in my car. Edit: Oh, and another thing. If I was going to cheat the buyer that way (A new/partial paint job) I definately would make sure that there ain't that kind of faults :-)
  3. The curve light works only up to 40km/h and the beam and functions are like this: Left column: Drive straight, turn right, turn left. Right column: Drive into a curve at max 40kmh, used as normal fog light. I'd rather put my money in (second hand) OEM bits.
  4. Took some photos from under the car and found a fault in paint job. Click the latest updates -link in the l/u corner.
  5. I found this how-to http://www.ffoc.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=114608 and did it. Looks nice as we know. But.. Has anyone thought about what to do if the central locking or the remote fails? If the battery (of the car) dies, that's no problem, but what if that's not the case.. I have a solution in mind (But guess it's not appropriate to publish it here as some weird people might get strange ideas...) but I'd be happy to hear your ideas via pm.
  6. Got some basic mods done if anyone's interested. Click the latest updates -link in the l/u corner.
  7. >5. 6.5 X 17'' Split 9 x 2 spoke machined alloy wheels Wouldn't 'waste' money on 'original' rims, a wide range of aftermarkets available for same/better price.. >7. Dual Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (DEATC) Go for it. >8. Maybe ESP (Traction control incl. Emergency Brake Assist) not 100% sure I guess you don't have winters like we (Finland) do? Lot of snow and temperature betveen 0 and -30 for 4 months... I think you'd be okay without. >10. Solar Reflect Windshield, is it that good? Guess it is, but if you're planning to use a mobile sat-nav unit as Tomtom or Navman, you'll propably run into problems. >11. Adjustable pedals, I am quiet tall you no. As I see it (I've got them) they are for short people. Afaik without them the pedals are as far from the seat as they go, and when you get the adjustable pedals you can move them closer. And about this: >9. Interior styling kit I don't know how things go over there, but this is something we here certainly don't buy with the car. We have to pay some enormous taxes for new cars (incl any options), so everything that can be easily fitted afterwards should be bought afterwards. If I remember correctly this kit would've costed me around 350 euros, and when I bought the mats, gearknob and the handbrake thing separatey, they cost only around 100e. I know I'm missing the aluminiumthingies 'from the doors', but I don't even like them so nothing to mention in my case.
  8. Sure, aren't we all? :-) I also more or less checked out Alfa 147 (salesman was an idiot, expensive), C4 (salesman didn't get back to me as promised), Megane (old design) and Golf (dull, expensive) but this one felt like the one for me. And after ~1600 kilometers I'm even more sure about my choise. As far I have found only one 'design fault' in the car, the glove box is very annoying imo. When you open it and reach to get something from it, everything else comes out too. Can't imagine why they had to make the bottom equable/even (dictionary words) as they could've done it a bit bias/cursive/diagonal (dictionary words). It's not a big issue, but as it's about the only one yet, had to mention :-) Haha, gotcha :-D I think _every_one_ (including irl) says it's black, but it's blue :-) In here the name is Deep navy, but I think you'd call it Navy blue or something :-) In direct sun light it shows some blue, but in any other situation it sure is black. As I didn't want to pay the extra 500e/340£ for some other colour I had to choose from this or red or white, and because white is no colour and my Fiesta Mk6 was red I took this. Have to admit, the metallic black (I think you call it panther black?) was almost something to pay for. But I didn't. While waiting the car (2½ months) I had doubts about my choise but now I'm very happy with it. Is it okay if 'maxed out' makes me think about * * * * (it was a decent word!) and spit or swallow?
  9. My 1st post here, whee... I'll be having my 15.5 build Focus 3D 1.6 Ti-VCT Sport within two weeks, and it'll have Sony MP3, DEATC and adjustable pedals. But it's not fitted with a cruise control because the options list didn't allow it (well, it allows but then you'll gonna have Ghia 4-spoke wheel) and now I'm thinking about getting it installed later. I tried the search function of the forum, but it's a bit hard to follow your chatter about wheels/cc as you seem to have models - like Zetec - I know nothing about. We only have Trend, Trend X, Sport, Ghia and ST. So my question is, is there a solution available for fitting the cc buttons nicely to the 3-spoke wheel? Perhaps even a direct part number for the buttons? In one of our Finish forums there was someone who had it installed with this wheel, but he seems to be online about as often the Santa Claus visits the orphans, so not very much help from him. He did mention something about some 'side covers' of the button-unit that couldn't be used with his wheel, but he was still satisfied.
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