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  1. I was thinking Jamz's ones but iv had my eye on these Toamsson Tn5's. Leme know what you think. Pic of them on a golf
  2. My front o/s tyre was basically leaking out air and wet o get it checkd up today after just putting new tyres on a few days ago and my alloy has cracked. Knowing my luck i tried to get hold of another alloy and oxigin (the brand of my alloys) have gone bust and i can no longer get that same alloy!! Was well cheesed off. To make matters worse i cant find anything for the mk2 in termsf allys that would look nice on my car. Anyone seen anything recently that could suit my mk2? Nayan
  3. Take the screw out on the headlights pull the unit out. You have direct access to the fogs and the bulbs on both sides. Nayan
  4. All iv noticed tbh is that it has a fairly high biting point but that was similar to my mk1 focus. Worth a pop i to fords as yoour cars still got warranty on it.
  5. To get the door carof you have to do the following: - Remove the trim from the handle of the door. The handle that you pull the door closed with. Panel pullers will be good to use but a flathead screw driver would be sufficient. Put the flat head inbetween the two trims and gently lift it up and down to release the clips. - Once that panel is removed youl see two small bolts behind that which you need to unscrew. - There are then clips all around the door card. About three on each side side of the door. Pull the door card once the bolts are out and te door card will come off. It is
  6. They stick on top. I put mine on recently. They are very easy to apply urself. Nayan
  7. If you get the 3M double sided sticky pads you coul also stick them to the rear of your front bumper. Loads of place under the mk2 bonnet.
  8. Sunny pm'd me the website for this plce well. Put my order through today for just a blac background with chrome ford lettering. Thanks anyway thoughJamz, Nayan
  9. I have searched everywhere for black ford badges for my mk2 but just ant seem to get hold of any. Looked at all the posts on the orum but no luck. Spoke to r-tech and theyve stopped doing them. Anyone know where i could possibly get some? Nayan
  10. Jamz, The only ones i can think of in terms of ST calipers are the ones goin on ebay. Its £200 including delivery for discs and calipers. I enquired a while ago and i think the car had done arund 16000 miles. Could you also PM me your number so i can drop u a text later on when im at the place in regards to price. Cheers Nayan
  11. revoltos, - my close mates dad owns eurocarparts. He just orders me in the products and gives it to me for the cost price. If your after something and Jamz is still after the discs and pads im going to be there later today so il get a price for you. The only thing is that id need to kno today if you wanted them or not. Jamz, Would now way be brave enough to do that. Tbh whnever i try being clever and do something i dont know how to do properly i end up making things 10 times worse! Nayan
  12. sanded the calipers down and sprayed. What you think of the finish?
  13. revoltos, oh okay. got worried there for a minute. I have 19's on the car so all is good :) I paid the cost price for the discs, pads and hoses. The discs and pads would come to around £300 normally but i got them for £190. And the braided hoses got them for £35 also could any old mechanic do this work for me? As there was something about bending of the flexi pipe or something? Sorry my mechanical knowledge is very limited. dew1911, A lot of people are using them on roads and seem to say they work a treat. I brake pretty hard anyway so guess it should be okay.
  14. Okay iv got the ST calipers, Ebc ultimax discs for the st, redstuff pads and goodridge braided brake hoses. Is there anything else i require for this conversion? Could a standard mechanic do this? revoltos, what makes you say that the st brakes would only fit with 18's? So focus st's cant sit on 19's? Nayan
  15. Im not really a fan of the Fk angel eyes. Iv just picked up a set of the Ultra ones as i had an accident and my existing angel eyes broke. I think they are much nicer then the led style mk2 angel eyes you get on ebay.
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